Hump-Day Help: Dragon Con is coming!


I’m in New Mexico with no cell service and no internet 99% of the time so I apologize how late this is going up. That said…

So many people do not go to Dragon Con in Atlanta because it is expensive. This is true. I was in the hole $600 last year and stayed that way until I got my income tax return. Many will see our posts tomorrow as we all journey forth to Georgia (my post included…you know, once I have internet or cell service…for I’m in NM at the moment) and be jealous and upset and I’m hear to tell you to not be.

Not that Dragon Con is not worth the money or the time, it is, but your financial health and the ability to eat and pay for shelter is just as important. If you can’t go this year and are sincerely upset, then sit down and find a way to put money aside to go next year. Sharing a room saves money and packing snacks does too.

Me personally, I go into the hole financially because it’s when I get the highest bump in sales, I make connections for my career, I see my writer friends, I make new ones, and I get the chance to talk about what I love: writing. To me, all of that is worth being broke.

However…it’s JUST as worth it to stay home and get writing done and live without worry of bills and emergencies that pop up. So this year, if you see posts of those going to Dragon Con and are upset, remember, you are not less of a writer for not going. You are not less committed to your craft either. Don’t judge yourself harshly. And if you sincerely want it, sit down and see what you need to do to go one year. Maybe not next year…but go soon.

I always feel bad when I see who can’t make it and if I was uber wealthy, I’d fly everyone in, get them hotel rooms, and pay for their ticket. I hate seeing folks that love attending this con to not get to go. For I’m sure that’ll be me at some point too.

Anyway, I just got to thinking about all this today as I drove an hour to Roswell and an hour back and I wanted to say, “It’s okay if you miss a con. It is not the end of your career or that ‘Fear Of Missing Out’ that I spoke of a few months ago called ‘Breaking Up with FOMO’ ” (go read that if you have not).

For those of you who WILL be there I’ll post my schedule on my Facebook page tomorrow ( and I’d love to see you and say hi! And if you can’t make it to a panel…you know where I’ll be at night: The Westin Bar.

Travel Safe, everyone going! I’ll catch you on the flip side (or at least in a different time zone than I’m in right now as I borrow my friend’s computer)! 🙂

That’s it for me this time around, write hard, bathe in imagination, and remember to not be too hard on yourself over the next weekend…and follow us online and enjoy the things we share and know that if you want to go to it (or any large convention that you see as a career building opportunity), you will eventually…and we’ll miss seeing you there this time around.

Love, Tamsin 🙂

P.S. In case you have not seen the news, my web series, Skye of the Damned, finally has a new website up (huge props to Lauren Steinmeyer who worked with me to build it)! It’s more robust and as of Friday ALL 6 EPISODES of Season One will be FREE online for the first time ever (the first 5 are there now). So check out and enjoy!MW bio pic of me

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