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december-alreadyHello! How is everyone? Can you believe it’s December already? Or that Christmas is less than a month away? I know I can’t! Time seems to have flown by (and some of that is due to all the presidential elections stuff, but we won’t go into that here and now) and it dawned on me that I’ve had a lot going on and not posted a darn thing here.

SO…much like how Misty will do a MW Link Round-Up, I’m going to do a Tamsin Silver Link Round-Up!

October 25, 2016 – Book Birthday for WE ARE NOT THIS! Carolina we-are-not-this-cover
Writers for Equality.

My first short story to be published by someone other than me! SQUEE! It’s called, The Color of Love, and I’m a sincerely honored to be in this amazing anthology that supports the LGBTQ Community both in NC and the world, really, for we’re all connected. In my post, entitled, “LGBTQ Short Story Out TODAY!” you can learn more about what this book is! You also can visit my website’s page for THE COLOR OF LOVE and read a snippet from the story.

rma1_trials-ebook-cover-correctedNovember 19, 2016 – Cover Reveal for TRIALS (Book 1 in the Rogue Mage Anthology).

My second short story to be published by someone other than me followed close on the heels of the first one, which is funny to me since I really do not see myself as a writer of short stories. My tale in this anthology, Mettilwynd, is unlike anything I’ve ever done! Some writers got their start doing fan-fiction while other just like to read it…I’m neither. So when I was asked by Faith Hunter to write a short story in the world of her Rogue Mage series, I was nervous as all hell. LOL! But I would have to say, it’s likely the best thing I’ve written to date and this post was the cover reveal. You can slide on over to my website and read a snippet from METTILWYND as well.

November 25, 2016 – BIG BIG BIG Skye of the Damned Announcement!outdoor-stairs-skye-magnet

Back in 2013 I worked with to do a web-series called, Skye of the Damned. By Dragon Con 2016, Lauren Steinmeyer (the lovely actress who plays Skye MacKenna in the show) and I had re-built a new website for SKYE and set it to go live in time for the convention. On November 25th, though, I made a big announcement…on something we didn’t think would really come to fruition due to all the moving parts that would have to come together for it to exist. But…it finally did. You can find out what that was by clicking above or going HERE.

trials-2November 28, 2016 – Book Birthday for TRIALS (Book 1 of 2 anthologies in the Rogue Mage World of Faith Hunter!

And suddenly, all the hard work I put into writing and re-writing my short, Mettilwynd, paid off and the book hit the “stands”! WOOOOOOOOOO!  Not only that, but our PR Goddess had each of the authors answer five questions about writing in the world of Faith Hunter’s ROGUE MAGE series. This post here is my response to those 5 questions. You can find the links to all the other writers of this anthology by going to the TRIALS BLOG TOUR!

December 2, 2016 – Soundtrack Birthday for Skye of the Damned!smaller-front-of-cd

Today is the day! The day the Hamilton Mixtape releases! I mean, sorry, it’s the day the Soundtrack for Season One of SKYE also releases! LOL! I’m so proud of Nyle and Christopher’s work on this endeavor for the show! This involved getting the rights for the music and contracts signed by the musicians as well as building the files and artwork and submitting them to the multiple locations for publishing the soundtrack. Visit this post for links to purchase, or, if you rather, visit SKYE’S MUSIC PAGE to see what bands are involved and hear their stuff!

smaller-front-of-dvdThen, coming up on December 25th, will be the DVD of Season One of SKYE! So stay tuned to both Magical Words and my newly formatted website for updates regarding the links for that when it becomes available! YAY!

Well, that’s it for me this time around, until next time, write hard, bathe in imagination, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS, EVERYONE!

Best, Tamsin 🙂



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