Quick-Tip Tuesday: Deadlines!

As the year winds down, and I start considering all the work I need to get done in the next few weeks, my mind naturally turns to the topic of deadlines. Deadlines are one of the harsh realities of life as a professional writer. We are always working under one deadline or another; often we face several at once, some of them external, some of them self-imposed. I am looking at four looming deadlines right now, one that I established myself, one that is contractual, one for a short story that I promised to a friend [waves at Misty], and another for an anthology to which I’d like to submit another story.

Writing to deadline is something pros do. Ask any writer what he or she feels is a defining characteristic of a professional writer and s/he is bound to mention hitting deadlines. If we can’t hand in work on […]

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A Kick in the Pants

I am languishing.

The Dark-Eyes' War, book III of Blood of the Southlands (jacket art by Romas Kukalis)

I have several projects in various stages of completion right now. The third and final book in my Blood of the Southlands trilogy, The Dark-Eyes War, will be out in February, and while I’m in the process of updating my webpage to include chapters from the book and other information on it, I am also waiting for that publication date. It’s sort of close, but not close enough that I can really do much about publicizing the release right now. (But while we’re on the subject, here is the cover art!) I have another book (my New Shiny from earlier this year) that is complete. In fact, I’m about 70 pages into the second book of the series. But the book isn’t contracted yet and I’m waiting to see if I […]

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“Butt in Chair.”

Over the past couple of years BIC has become something of a mantra here at Magical Words, and it remains some of the best advice we as a group have given. If you want to be a writer, you have to write. Simple as that. Or not. In fact, there is more to it than that, and I’m thinking about it this morning as I confront another blank post screen on the MW website. Writing professionally is not only about writing, but often about writing to a deadline, writing on demand, churning out content on a regular basis. Every Sunday, I write my Monday post for MW, and quite often it takes me a while to come up with a topic for my post. It’s hard, after literally hundreds of posts about writing, to come up with something original and relevant and, we hope, entertaining.

But as […]

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