To serialize or not to serialize

Another writer I know is about to launch a serialized novel. It will release with two chapters a week. It’s free. Ilona Andrews has done the same thing with her Innkeeper series, at the end of which, she pulls it all together into a full book, revising and producing a a final, polished version. Personally, I don’t read them in serial. I can’t stand to wait for the next entry. I do buy the books when they are complete and available for sale. Some writers do this sort of serialization on Patreon to reward the support of generous readers.

I have contemplated the serial novel. It’s a truly daring thing to do, because frequently the story changes as you progress and the beginning must be radically changed. Or you take a wrong turn and you have to back out. I did that recently, cutting almost 15K out of novel in […]

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