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I’m in Nashville today for the Southern Festival of Books, a city I’ve never visited before, a trip I’m taking alone. These last two factors are crucial because, since I know no one here, they force a species of crucial writerly research: where am I going to drink? Or, at very least, where am I going to have dinner?

You know when you are reading a story that’s well anchored in a location because the city (or village, or planet or whatever) feels real in its details, and those details are not wheeled out like an encyclopedia entry but scattered knowingly about like crumbs by the author with apparently careless abandon. It may be research, but it doesn’t feel like research. It feels like the author has lived there all his/her life or—depending on the narrative point of view—that the character has.

This is tough to fake, and it’s one […]

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Writing Location: The Macbeth Project

Today it’s my pleasure to introduce my friend and co-writer of the Macbeth, A Novel, audio book which comes out from Audible on Tuesday of next week. David Hewson is the award winning and bestselling author of 16 books, and is best known for his Nic Costa detective series set in present day Rome., the most recent of which, Fallen Angel, is currently getting rave reviews in minor local papers like the New York Times and Washington Post. He has a special gift for today’s topic which we is evident in ourShakespeare adaptation, an extract of which you can hear for free here.

Please welcome, David Hewson.


Real estate agents in England (and perhaps elsewhere) have a saying. The value of a property is down to three things. Location, location and location. Books are more complex than houses, but they share a little of that quality too. As a […]

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