Stronger Together

Publishing is a rough business, even when writing is what you love. That’s why it’s so important for authors to reach out to other authors, and to support, encourage, nurture, mentor, boost and make friends with each other. It’s a weird way to make a living, and we’re the only ones who really understand what it’s like to deal with all those voices in our heads that become characters, so we need to stick together.

Making writer friends is good for sanity. We all have rough days, and this is a solitary way to make a living. It helps to be able to talk about the business and the life with other people who get it.

Writer friends are good for business. When we recommend each other, signal boost on social media, refer each other to resources, cover tables at cons for one another and hang out talking shop at […]

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The Writing Life Vs. the Married Life

Mario Puzo once said, “Never let a domestic quarrel ruin a day’s writing. If you can’t start the next day fresh, get rid of your wife.”

Okay, I’m not espousing that. (Clever play on spouse, yes?) But I do have something to say about marriage, today, on my 26th anniversary. I adore my husband. He’s funny, sweet, impossible, can do (or learn to do) anything he needs to do to survive and thrive. Over the course of our relationship, he has been the manager of a fix-it shop (he was in jr. high when we met and managed men decades older than he was because he could fix anything, any engine, any motor any appliance anyone brought in) manager of a drug store, owner of a construction business that did only additions and then of one that did only custom houses, owner of a sound studio that he later […]

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