It’s About Good Use of Your Resources.

Making Money Mondays…

Morning ALL!

To be published, there is nothing better than the one-on-one of a writer to an editor, talking about a proposal, an ongoing project, or even a project that didn’t go well and didn’t sell well. Unless you are independently wealthy or have a sugar-honey-love, and can make trips to New York to talk to editors, and actually get an appointment (no they usually even don’t make lunch appointments with prospective writers, despite what film industry says), you need to go to writers’ conferences.

Which cost money.

So what to do? First, make a list of what you want out of your dollar spent: Editors as guests? Professional writers in your genre as guests? Opportunity to pitch your project? Opportunity to have a professional critique your writing? Cost of hotel within a certain price range? Near to your house? Inexpensive travel? Restaurants nearby?

And then do […]

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Three TOP TENs

I just got back from CONCAROLINAS 2016. This is a great con. If you’ve never been, you should go! However, at all cons there are the usual problems—some big, some merely annoying, some that might be viewed with disagreement. At CC this year, the biggest problem was with the AC not working in the ENTIRE WRITER AREA. It was hot!

To make your future con experience better, here are my thoughts on Cons in general: Top ten things NOT to do on a panel.


We’ve all been there, when someone disrupts a panel. (Maybe we’ve even done it, all without thinking, and regret it later.) We’ve been on a panel and we see actions by someone in the room that just feels wrong. Or an action by a moderator that lets things get out of control. So for the writer out there who hopes one day to be on […]

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Home From the South Carolina Writer’s Workshop

I am back from the South Carolina Writer’s Workshop Annual conference, in Myrtle Beach, SC. I was an instructor at the conference and led workshops on character development, pacing and story arc, worldbuilding, and assorted issues faced by aspiring writers. The conference organizers did a terrific job putting the event together, the other professionals were friendly and well-prepared, and the members of the SCWW were welcoming, enthusiastic and engaged.

This was my third time teaching at the conference — the first time I was there, I met Misty Massey; the last time I was there, I met Faith Hunter and Magical Words was born — and I can recommend it unequivocally to any of you looking for a writer’s conference to attend. You will have the opportunity to meet and chat with editors, agents, and authors, and you’ll find a vibrant community of talented aspiring writers. It always takes place […]

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The Writing Life Vs. the Married Life

Mario Puzo once said, “Never let a domestic quarrel ruin a day’s writing. If you can’t start the next day fresh, get rid of your wife.”

Okay, I’m not espousing that. (Clever play on spouse, yes?) But I do have something to say about marriage, today, on my 26th anniversary. I adore my husband. He’s funny, sweet, impossible, can do (or learn to do) anything he needs to do to survive and thrive. Over the course of our relationship, he has been the manager of a fix-it shop (he was in jr. high when we met and managed men decades older than he was because he could fix anything, any engine, any motor any appliance anyone brought in) manager of a drug store, owner of a construction business that did only additions and then of one that did only custom houses, owner of a sound studio that he later […]

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You are Attending a Con. What Now?

I am so buried under a fast reweite that I can’t think, today. So, I’m cheating. Please forgive! Last week, I did a seminar on cons and blurbs for Here it is for you guys, slightly changed, though with a tip-of-the-hat to the romance genre.

I have friends who want to be published, and who think that all they have to do to be published is to cut through the red tape and get me to pass along their book-pitches to my agent. They assume that every literary agent wants to “discover” a future bestselling author, who is, clearly, them, with their bestseller. Right? No.

Even cutting through the red tape isn’t a guarantee to publication. Even with the red tape cut, there is still THE BIG PITCH. Then there is the proposal or the query letter. Then there is the synopsis and there had better be knock-em-dead […]

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Free Short Story and Book Festivals

Lots to talk about and I am sorry this is so late today. I just got in from the SC Book Festival and a library talk in Barnwell, SC (which was such fun!). I am behinder than usual today!


This is for ya’ll! A link to a free short story introducing my new character, Jane Yellowrock, who will appear in the forthcoming book, Skinwalker (July 09) Kits


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not an official post. but….

I know it isn’t an official post day.

And I am so tired that I can’t think, let alone spell, so if you spot typos, forgive me. First time I wrote that it read — if yu spat tupas…


But I just had to rave about David, Misty and the con. I met great people (see more later), felt so very much at home, and had a total blast. On Saturday night, David and Misty and I, and couple new friends, (see parenthetical clause above) were on a panel. It started at 10 pm. We were 13 hours into the Con day at that point. And we were slaphappy. Giggling until we cried. Hard to breathe. Couldn’t talk. And the best part? The attendees were right there with us, laughing like mad.

We retired to the bar after to decompress. One drink apiece. We were all good. Really.

The […]

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