Quick-Tip Tuesday: Do Not Fear the Scoop!

Welcome to another Quick-Tip Tuesday!

It’s not always easy to come up with a new topic for these posts. We’ve been over a lot of material here at MW throughout the years. I know that on my own I’ve written over 300 MW posts; all told we’re coming up on two thousand for the site. It sometimes seems that there is nothing new I could possibly publish in this space that wouldn’t repeat in some way material you can find in an archived post.

But of course, if one of those older articles was written by Faith, Misty, John, or someone else, then I might have some perspective on the subject matter that they didn’t. And even if it’s an issue that I covered myself, it may be that subsequent experience has changed my approach or given me fresh insights.

In short, just because a subject has been discussed before, […]

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This was supposed to be my day on here and I completely failed. I have excuses (double anthology deadlines, looming overhaul/remodel of the tattoo shop I own, writing deadlines, tattoo appointments) but they’re no justified reason to have missed. I apologize.

I will make it up to you like crazy next time.

Until then, here are some recommendations of things that can help you write:

THANKS BUT THIS ISN’T FOR US by Jessica Page Morrell.

In my opinion the BEST overall book about writing on the market today. I love this book. This book is why I am a published author today.

HOW TO WRITE MAGICAL WORDS by the Magical Words contributors.

A great compendium of advice. I mean seriously.

2K to 10K by Rachel Aaron

You’ve heard about it. It’s logic. It works.



Matters of Life and Death. Well, mostly death, really.

Nah, this won’t be a morbid post. It won’t even be another navel-gazing ramble about how little I’m getting done, because I came back from MidSouthCon recharged and ready to write.

Okay, so I might have only gotten about a thousand words done, but it’s better than the rest of the month. Baby steps, people, baby steps.

Anyway, today I want to talk about killing. Specifically, killing characters and the level of thought and care that has to be taken with it. It’s obvious that you can’t just randomly kill a main character, because unless you’re Jim Butcher, when you kill your protagonist, the story (and series) is over. And even if you are Butcher, you’d better have a damn good reason to kill said character and a damn clever way to bring him back to life.

And yes, Jim, I’ve forgiven you for Changes and Ghost […]

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THE METAPHOR OF THE THING (or, getting my Cormac McCarthy on)

Today I will be in a car heading to the Olde City New Blood convention in St. Augustine, Fl so I apologize in advance that I will not be getting back here to any comments until later in the day, possibly in the late evening.

That being said, let’s get into the heart of today’s musing.

I’ve been a descriptive writer from the get. I will tell you exactly what a thing looks like and every moment of its existence as it relates to my story. I’ve always prided myself on it and I work to improve what is already one of my best abilities. I seek out new words, looking to boldly go where no writer has gone before.

I use words like eldritch, corpulent, and etheric. I pair words with things and actions that create a jarring feel to them like oilsheen crackle and I use: “A musty, […]

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