Friday Fundamentals: Deadlines

Today’s the deadline to submit my short story for the upcoming anthology set in Faith’s Rogue Mage world.

No, I’m not kidding. The deadline is on April Fools’ Day.

I submitted my story yesterday, but if I hadn’t had a deadline, I probably still wouldn’t be finished with it. Let me tell you a little something about myself. I don’t like to be late. When I was in college, if I were going to be late to class, I just wouldn’t go. I’m the one who shows up 30 minutes early to everything. I went to a party in college (yeah, just one) and got there several hours too early. Evidently 9pm really meant midnight. So I sat there watching TV with the host, a person I’d never met before, and feeling like a total dork.

But, back to the deadline. There was a part […]

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A Year in the Life: Week 3

Writing: 25,000 words, all on “No Dominion”, the Kickstarter novella which has tipped over to a novel by breaking the 40K wordcount mark. I was hoping to have it done by today’s posting, but some Life Stuff has happened and I haven’t written since last Saturday.

Along those lines, I mentioned I was doing a “Febnowrimo”, a February 50K. I’m 15.2K into that, which, yes, I did all in the first 4 days of the month. The good news is that Life Happening hasn’t gotten me behind in wordcount because I had that initial surge, but I need to get back to putting words on pixels. How are your Febnowrimos going?

Work That Isn’t Writing: Spent the entire allocated work time of one Sunday packing up books to send out to contest winners. Or, more accuratly, I packed up about two books and some Christmas presents, and no, sadly, I’m […]

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This Year’s Holiday Gift List For Writers

Hanukah starts in nine days; Christmas is two weeks away. And so I thought it might be worthwhile to offer a few gift ideas for those of your shopping for a writer (even if that writer happens to be you!) It’s been a couple of years since we had one of these lists on the site, and while there may be some overlap with past lists, this one will be a bit more inclusive.

Software: After Kalayna’s great post from Thursday, this seems like a good place to start. Scrivener, which is a terrific program for writers that helps with organization, research, character sketches, and the actual writing of your book, started as a mac program but is now available for Windows as well. Both versions can be purchased for under $50.00. Nisus Writer Pro, which is my favorite word processing program, is still only available for mac users, and […]

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Living — Confessions of a Writing Junkie

A post about the “withdraw” writers go through when between projects. […]

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The State of The…

Yes, I forgot it was Wednesday. Sorry I am so late posting. And I have no excuse really. Okay – I pulled a third shift at the lab and my brain is screwy, but still. It *is* my day to post…. Continuing on the Writer’s Life theme, here are a few of the ups and downs of my professional (writer, not lab) life, viewed from three perspectives that every writer deals with daily: state of mind, state of publication, and state of my writing.

First, as pertains to my state of mind: Monday and Tuesday were my crises-of-faith days, (giggle, giggle) and the members of this list offered some really good pointers on how to deal with a young writer. Thank you all. I remember the desperate need to be published. I understand when a young person says, “I’m ready. I am!” But isn’t. For a teenager, every need is […]

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Free Short Story and Book Festivals

Lots to talk about and I am sorry this is so late today. I just got in from the SC Book Festival and a library talk in Barnwell, SC (which was such fun!). I am behinder than usual today!


This is for ya’ll! A link to a free short story introducing my new character, Jane Yellowrock, who will appear in the forthcoming book, Skinwalker (July 09) Kits


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Part Two…Different subject

I posted on my other blogs about the ongoing saga of the RV, so I won’t go into that part here. Instead, I’d like to talk a bit about book signings, speaking engagements, and meeting with fans. And what all that does to and for a writer when they first start out.

I was terminally shy when I first started writing. Not the kind of shy that makes people wall flowers, but the kind of shy that makes people aggressive. I know that doesn’t make sense on the surface, but bare with me. I knew I couldn’t hide behind my hair and still do the public part of the writer’s job, meeting booksellers, getting the word out about a book, all that kind of stuff.

So I flipped a mental switch and let fear come out as a sort of *in your face* friendliness. A car salesman on steroids. Wearing […]

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