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A bunch of us will be the Cabarrus County Library, in NC, today–Saturday, 9-25.

Come see us!


How to Get Noticed at a Con.

I have written about writers’ conferences before, but I wanted to take a stab at the subject again since prime Con time is fast approaching. This blog is what I’ll call a pasta blog. I am tossing ideas that have worked in the past, up on the wall, and seeing what sticks.

The Writer’s Conference is the event that one plans for, and puts strategy into place for, the purpose of meeting and greeting and schmoozing agents, editors, etc. Handled properly, it can be *the* way to get noticed and get agent / editor attention. Handled improperly, it can get you labeled as a stalker, so you *do* have to be careful. Yeah, I am serious. I you are a bull-in-a-china-shop kinda person, or people have ever told you that you are scary, or you are full of pent up frustration from years of trying to get attention for your […]

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trips and other fun things

Like David and Misty, I’m back. Unlike David and Misty, I’m not at home yet, but through the magical mystery of the Internet, am back virtually on MagicalWords. My body is somewhere on the plains of Kansas…no wait, it’s the rolling hills of Okalahoma, seeing the country and taking rivers. And listening to the hubby find songs for every freaking state, city, etc that we pass through. Entering Okalahoma has been the worst. He doesn’t listen to show tunes but he knows the opening phrases…over and over. Arrrrg! Anyway, hope this loads up properly on the laptop…

For the past few weeks I’ve been crossing the country doing research for my AKA’s (Gwen Hunter) thriller that will be out this Feb. 09, and getting to Denver for the conference, which was called both WorldCon and Denvention3. […]

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