“God-Fearing Woman”

I watch a lot of true-crime shows on the ID channel. As I was watching one of them–American Monsters–where the wife of a nascent film director is murdered, I noticed the cop describing her on the footage from that day. He said “she was a good woman, a god-fearing woman.”

I’ve heard that a lot before. It’s a compliment, at least in many Christian religions. I don’t know about other religions. I’m guessing yes. Now, one of the first things that struck me about that was that once upon a time, the Puritans believed that God was angry and rather malevolent (read Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God, among others). By the Victorian period, that had shifted. God was benevolent. Except then, the world started changing beyond fast and a lot of bad things started happening in the world–wars, disease, economic difficulties, and so on. So the Victorians […]

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Chris Marie Green –on worlds

Worlds Can Be So Mean

Hi again! I’m glad to be back with another guest post for this month, and I’d love to talk about one of my favorite elements of writing. World Building.

In general, I’m sure you all have read a lot of posts about this topic already, but how about looking at a different aspect of world building? How can you flip a world that’s already familiar—or one that you’ve already started to build—to make it something totally different from anything a reader has ever experienced?

Before I really get started here, I’d like to mention that, oftentimes, world building is perceived as something exclusive to paranormal authors. I, myself, have built worlds for my Vampire Babylon series, my Bloodlands series, and my upcoming Ghost for Hire series. But writers of historical fiction or, yes, even contemporary fiction need to build strong worlds […]

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Yet another World Building Post. Only not.

Well, it’s my own fault. I asked for suggestions and someone said World Building so here I am. Building worlds.

Except that I don’t. Not really. Of all the regular contributors to this site I’m probably the one who thinks least about world building, or tries to. The truth is that of all the elements of a book, world building interests me least both as a writer and as a reader. Give me character, give me story, give me an emotional punch, an intellectual treat, a well-turned phrase… I’ll take all of these over the world of the story, no matter how brilliantly it is painted.

So why am I posting on this today?

Well, partly, it’s my opportunity to stand up before the world and say “Hi world, I’m a fantasy writer and I hate world building.”

Partly it’s too articulate my feelings for others who may (if they […]

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Here a link, there a link…

Since it’s entirely possible a lot of you are travelling this weekend, or are just in the mood for the holiday already, I decided to share some time-killers to get you through this day before the long weekend. Have fun!

Poetry: Introduction to Poetry The Book of my Enemy Has Been Remaindered

World Building Help: World Check

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Sounds from the ancient past: Roberto Velazquez assists archaeologists in recreating sounds not heard in hundreds of years. David Crystal, a language expert and historian, consulted on a Globe Theatre production of “Romeo and Juliet” in Early Modern English, the way Shakespeare might have said it.