A Quick-Tip Post For Melanie

Last week, the Magical Words community lost one of its own. Melanie Otto, known to many of you, died after a sudden and severe brain bleed that left her in a coma.

I knew Melanie for several years and was privileged to join her and and the other Roaring Writers of The Million Words blog for a week-long writing retreat. I was the instructor for the week, and Melanie and her life partner, Judy, were my contacts for the event. In the planning stages, and then during the retreat itself, they treated me like family, made me feel welcome and at home, made sure that I was comfortable in every sense.

Melanie was a talented writer and a skilled professional photographer. But more, she was a wise and kind soul, a gentle spirit with a wicked sense of humor, a generous and caring friend. I cannot begin to imagine the […]

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Writing is a Solitary Business

Most people think that writing is what we do at the PC or laptop or with pad and pen. That we live inside our heads and only when actively pounding away at the keyboard or scritching madly on the pad. The writers among us know that is simply not true. Our minds get caught up in the lives of our characters and suddenly we are writing all the time—driving, eating supper, walking the dogs, paddling a particularly good river (okay that one is mostly just me,) and worst of all, while having a conversation that is important to our mates but not so much to us. Or maybe that one is just me, too?

I try not to get too personal here on MagicalWords.Net but I need to confess something. It’s supposed to be good for the soul, yes? When I’m writing I ignore the hubby. A lot. It’s not […]

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WooWoo Blog

General thoughts on being a writer…the life of a writer…

I received a letter this week (a real letter delivered with a stamp, which was sorta weird and exciting in this age) from a fan who was also a kid, maybe 12 or 14. I don’t know, just guessing at his age. He had read one of my books and can’t get it out of his mind. Which is also weird but really nice. Not that wrote to talk about my book. No. Not really.

The letter was filled, dripping, soggy with desire…to be a writer. And it made me think and remember my own teenaged writer’s angst.

One paragraph in his letter read, “Still, though, I need your help. I don’t know where to begin. I can […]

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perks and not

It seems to be one of those weeks. What with deadlines, a few minor health issues, and the holiday, I’m day late in my thinking. To me, this is Tuesday. I’m not worth much. In fact, it is one p.m. and I’m still in my jammies. Of course, being a writer, I have the right to go to work in my PJs any time I feel like it. Other folks get casual Friday, to wear jeans and tees. Writers get PJ Wednesday. Or any other PJ day of the week we want. A few other perks?

Pets on the job. It is relaxing to have my critters around.

Snacks and lunch and tea are in the […]

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