Publishing — A Self-Publishing Adventure Part 5

As promised, I am going to give an update on my self-publishing experience with the short story collection, 10 Bits of My Brain.

It’s been about two months and I’ve sold…drum roll, please……….around 40 copies.

Now, whether or not you see that as good or bad has a lot to do with where you are in your publishing career and what your hopes/expectations for indie-publishing are. So, let’s begin with expectations.

Many self-published authors get it in their heads that they are going to be the next Amanda Hocking. After all, everybody is making a killing selling ebooks, right? No. Obviously, not. And, frankly, my numbers are quite above average because I came into this with a small, built-in audience (that would be you guys). See, despite all the massive changes happening in publishing, nothing much has really changed in terms of the odds of getting a bestseller. Amanda Hocking […]

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