Quick-Tip Tuesday: Taking Stock and Soldiering On

It’s been a hard fall, at the end of a tough year. At times like these, when we mourn lost friends, or deal with fears and unexpected disappointments of any sort, it seems that even sitting down to write a page or two is more than we can manage.

On occasion, we here at MW urge you to take a day or two away from writing to enjoy life, to immerse yourself in the pleasures of family and friends, of beloved hobbies, of the simple joys of taking a walk, or reading a book. But at other times, writing can actually be our escape. The world isn’t always a friendly place; real life just sucks now and then. So write. Dive into your worlds, your characters, your storylines. Draw upon the emotions evoked by the real world, but live in those places you’ve created. It helps. Or rather, it helps […]

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Thankful, that’s me

We’re headed south for Thanksgiving on Thursday, to spend the holiday with family. I’m very fortunate that I not only have family, but that I like them, too. I know that many folks live with relatives who don’t support their desire to write, and make the dream that much harder to achieve with the neverending chatter about having a real job to pay the bills and not putting so much attention toward a hobby and all that. I also know that many people are living in shelters or their cars, because their families won’t take them in, or they have none at all. Sure, mine is going to start hounding me about when the next book will be ready, or wondering why I don’t write something that becomes a bestseller, but really, that’s a nice thing, too.

Speaking of jobs to pay bills while I struggle toward success, I am […]

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