Why #HoldOnToTheLight Matters


You’ve heard the story about the boy throwing starfish back into the ocean at low tide. A man chides him that the boy can’t save them all, and what difference does such a futile gesture make? “It makes a difference to this one,” the boy replies, tossing another starfish into the sea.

Light one candle. Scare away the dark. Use your voice every time they try to shut your mouth.

The power of one. Refusing to go gently into the dark night.

Defiance is one of the human race’s better attributes.

#HoldOnToTheLight is about throwing starfish and lighting candles. And giving a one-finger salute to the darkness.

As my friend John Hartness likes to say, there is ‘famous’ and then there’s ‘writer famous’. ‘Writer famous’ is when you walk into a con and people recognize you. ‘Famous’ is when you walk into a Starbucks anywhere in the world […]

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Quick-Tip Tuesday: On Writing Every Day

One hears conflicting advice these days on the question of whether aspiring writers should try to write every day. Some will say that it’s important to write, but it’s also important to take time away from the work when we need the rest, when we’re exhausted physically or emotionally, when all that other stuff that falls under the heading of “life” gets so overwhelming that we can’t write at all. That was, in essence, the point of Tamsin’s wonderful post a couple of weeks ago.

And Tamsin, who I adore, is absolutely right.


I am one of those obnoxious old fart writers (I have a birthday coming up very, very soon, and yes, I’m feeling a bit like an old fart) who shakes his cane at the young’uns and says in a voice much like that of Bart Simpson’s grandfather that writers ought to write each and every day. […]

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Tamsin Silver: Writing On The Go

Welcome back our friend Tamsin Silver! Tamsin is the author of the Windfire series, and she is also the writer/director of the NYC based web series SKYE OF THE DAMNED. You can see more about it (and watch episodes!) at SkyeOfTheDamned.com.

I want to write a blog post. Let me be more specific. I want to write a helpful blog post for writers. But when I focus on this task I can’t think of a damn thing to say. So…hey! Want to talk about dogs? Cause that I have no problem with. What? You’re here for writing advice? Oh. Ok. Let’s see what I can say that sounds worthy of this website…

……………………*stares at blank page, eyes wide*…………

See…this is what I mean…I draw a blank. Hang on…I’ll be back…

…………*enter music from Jeopardy here*…………

OK…I have something…(It’s been a few days […]

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D.B. Jackson: The Writing Life, part I — Say What?

This week, in my continuing gig as “guest” on this site, I’m supposed to write about “The Writing Life.” First of all, it’s just weird being a guest here — I mean, this place has been my literary home for six years. I feel a little like I went off to college and then returned home, only to find that my room was being used as a bed and breakfast. I guess now I know how my older daughter feels . . . (That’s a little joke. I promise.) But I also wonder if, after all these years, there is anything I could tell you about my writing life that you don’t already know.

And so I’m going to take this in a slightly different direction . . .

Being a writer can be a little weird. By which I mean, that people sometimes treat writers in odd ways. This […]

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Are You On The F Train?

Please welcome today’s guest, Tamsin Silver. Tamsin is the author of the Windfire urban fantasy series, and has recently begun work on the thrilling new web series Skye of the Damned. We’re very excited to have her here today!

We as artists can sometimes lose focus on the positive. We become so wrapped up in the work, the money, or the stress that comes from the excess of the first and the lack of the second, that we fail to really see our achievements. We also have a tendency to be unable to see our accomplishments as being a success when we feel we have not reached our goal. They become stepping-stones, not wins, but just stones in our path that feel stuck in our shoe. Because of this, we forget to rejoice over the things we have done.

I have this affliction. Always have. No matter how […]

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It all began on a cold Sunday in January…

I’m in love with this coffee house near my apartment in Manhattan (no, not Starbucks…ack!). It’s called Darling Coffee. They make all their food from scratch (oh the soup!) and they have so much tea you’d think Jane Yellowrock owned the place.

But where was I? Oh, yes…a cold Sunday in January…

It was chilly in the coffee house. Just enough to make me pull on my hoodie and enjoy wrapping my hands around a warm mug of tea, inhaling the aroma, as I sat hunched over my misbehaving laptop, figuring out what to work on first.


I get a text. It’s my best gal-pal in NYC, Lauren. She says our friend Jet (owner & CEO of VampireFreaks.com) wants to hang out. I tell her sure, if he wants to come write at the […]

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