The Weird Wild West Needs Homesteaders!

Hey y’all! I hope the holidays treated everyone well, and that you were fortunate enough to spend at least some of the time with people you like who like you back!

I’m back again to talk about our Kickstarter. We’re pleased that so many folks believe in us enough to pledge a little money, and we hope that we reach our goal so that we can bring you all some incredible stories. The first volume will feature thrilling tales by R S Belcher, Tonia Brown, Diana Pharaoh Francis, John Hartness, Gail Martin, James Tuck, Jonathan Maberry and me. But we’ll also have space for some of you!

If we reach our initial funding goal, we’ll offer up four open submission spots. We’re very excited to see what you all can imagine, but it will only happen if we reach that goal. You can help us along. Pledge if you can, […]

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Things Other People Said

It’s holiday week at the Massey homestead, which means that I’m going to be going a little crazy for the next few days. I figured I’d do something else a little fun today…some of my favorite quotes from Westerns (weird and otherwise!)

Our Kickstarter is still moving along. We’re about 30% funded, which is wonderful. If you haven’t read down that far, I want to mention that if we can somehow manage to overfund our goal, we’ll be offering a second volume, featuring stories from our very own Faith Hunter, and friends of MW Barb Hendee, Laura Anne Gilman and many more. So if you haven’t shared the link around, please do!

One other bit of news…Emily Leverett, Margaret McGraw, Danielle Ackley-McPhail and I will be guests on tonight’s Talk of the Tavern podcast radio show! You can listen live tonight at 9 pm, or you can download the show […]

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