Jake Bible: When Worlds Collide

Hey folks, today we’re welcoming our friend and special guest, Jake Bible, who has a brand new book coming out! Sit back and relax with a cup of coffee while Jake tells you all about Stone Cold Bastards.

An idea hit me one evening. That’s not unusual. I get most of my ideas in the evening right before switching the light off and going to sleep. This is why the Notes feature on my iPhone is invaluable. The idea started as a title: Stone Cold Bastards. I just absolutely loved that title. The trick was, I needed a premise to go with it. While titles sell books, it helps to have an actual story inside the book. Readers like that. What possible story could I write that worked for a title like Stone Cold Bastards? By the morning, my brain had worked it out. Wasn’t hard. It’s in the […]

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