On Publishing and Writing: A New Editor, A New Beginning

As of about two weeks ago, I have a new editor. The reasons for the change are not a topic I’m prepared to discuss, except to say that it was not a change I sought, nor a circumstance over which I had any control. But the upshot was that at some point, around the time Thieves’ Quarry was released, I found myself in need of a different editor at Tor Books. And my agent and I have found someone who I think will be great — her name is Stacy Hague-Hill.

But as excited as I am to work with Stacy, this has been a wrenching change.

I have worked with the same book editor my entire career. I have worked with others on short fiction (including our own Edmund Schubert, who is as fine an editor as I have ever met), but when it comes to novels, I have […]

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Special Guest Friday – Stacy Hague Hill of Tor

About midway through the publication of my book, Mad Kestrel, my editor’s assistant accepted another job. Since he’d been my primary contact from day one, I was terrified! Who would answer my questions and keep me in the loop? I needn’t have worried – Stacy’s smart, reassuring and funny, and if she doesn’t know the answer to a question, she won’t quit until she finds it. I’ve been so lucky to work with her, and I’m delighted she agreed to pay us a visit today. Now, without further ado, let me introduce you to Stacy Hague-Hill, editorial assistant at Tor!

“I’m an Assistant Editor at Tor Books, and I love my job. But, while there’s an understanding that anyone whose title involves the word “assistant” must do a lot of scut work, not everyone knows what, in the context of a busy editorial office, being an assistant means. When Misty […]

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Oops! Was this my day?

I work a paycheck-job, as a middle school librarian. Which means that once a year, I am pulled out of my library to serve as a testing monitor, for the two weeks of standardized tests the state requires of our children.

The first portion of the day sees me running up and down halls, fetching supplies for test administrators, carrying messages to principals, making sure students are where they’re supposed to be, and other delightful activities. I’m fairly certain I’ve walked halfway to Mordor in the last three days. The end of the testing day is more of the same, but backwards. Well, except for the walking – that I do facing forwards no matter what time it is. 😀 The middle is peaceful. I have to sit in my assigned hallway and make sure things are blissfully quiet. I have a folding papa-san chair I bring for just this […]

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