Guest Post: Alexandra Christian!

Today we have a special treat.

Alexandra Christian is here to talk to you about questions writers ask.

Welcome, Alexandra!


Thanks for having me! Here we go…

I’m a lurker. You caught me. I confess — I’m a lurker. I lurk in Facebook groups reading questions and comments quite frequently. I may not say anything, but I’m there seeing what other people are up to. Some might call it nosy, but I call it research. I’m particularly interested in questions that new authors are asking in these writer groups, but sadly they often get crummy answers (IMHO). So I thought a short post with my answers to common writer questions might be interesting…

How much time do you devote to writing?

This question comes up a lot with new writers who are either working day jobs (like me) or have lots of kids and other responsibilities in your life. […]

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David B. Coe: Different Books, Different Roles

Hello again, Magical Words! I’m baaaccckk!

Today, I launch what I have been calling the 2015 Summer-of-Two-Releases Virtual Tour. Over the course of the next five weeks, I have two books coming out: On July 21, Dead Man’s Reach, the fourth and (for now) final Thieftaker novel, will be released by Tor Books under the D.B. Jackson pseudonym. And on August 4, His Father’s Eyes, the second volume in The Case Files of Justis Fearsson, will come out from Baen Books under my own name.

For those of you keeping score at home, that’s two novels, in two separate series, under two bylines, coming out from two publishers. When we (my agent, Lucienne Diver, and I) sold the second series, we didn’t envision this kind of summer. We hoped that the books would come out far apart. But in publishing, things don’t always work out according to plan, and really, […]

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Are You On The F Train?

Please welcome today’s guest, Tamsin Silver. Tamsin is the author of the Windfire urban fantasy series, and has recently begun work on the thrilling new web series Skye of the Damned. We’re very excited to have her here today!

We as artists can sometimes lose focus on the positive. We become so wrapped up in the work, the money, or the stress that comes from the excess of the first and the lack of the second, that we fail to really see our achievements. We also have a tendency to be unable to see our accomplishments as being a success when we feel we have not reached our goal. They become stepping-stones, not wins, but just stones in our path that feel stuck in our shoe. Because of this, we forget to rejoice over the things we have done.

I have this affliction. Always have. No matter how […]

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Special Guest Stars: J F Lewis

Today we welcome special guest J F Lewis, author of the popular urban fantasy Void City series, to Magical Words. He decided that he wanted to be a writer when a supposed creative writing teacher questioned his sanity and suggested therapy. An avid reader, J also enjoys sushi, popcorn, lukewarm sodas, and old black and white movies. His two favorite activities are singing lullabies to his kids at bedtime and typing into the wee hours of the morning. Fortunately, like the protagonist of his Void City novels, the author takes very little sleep. We’re delighted to have him with us today!


Murder and Judgment: Writing Advice from J.F. Lewis

Write what you feel driven to write. Write it well and with passion. Be willing to commit murder when the time is right. And know that you will probably be judged, as a person, based on what you write.

It […]

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Special Guest Friday: Amy Cunningham!

Today we welcome book reviewer Amy Cunningham to Magical Words! Book reviewers are an important part of the publishing world – there are a lot of books out there, and sometimes you need someone’s help to figure out which ones to choose. But I’ll let her tell you all about it. Here’s Amy!

How did you begin reviewing books? Why do you think it’s important to share your opinions of books you’ve read? I’ve been reviewing for about 8 years now. The website I review for, Romance Reviews Today, is celebrating its 9th anniversary, and I came on board not too long after its inaugural year. Mainly it gives me a venue where I can talk to somebody who cares about the books I love to read. I don’t look for prestige or even my name on the cover of a book, but I love to talk books whenever […]

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Special Guest Friday: Maggie Stiefvater!

Today we’re delighted to host Maggie Stiefvater, author of the upcoming young adult fantasy Shiver. Maggie’s already released one young adult novel, LAMENT , a YA urban fantasy about homicidal faeries, whose sequel, BALLAD, comes out later this year. Her new release, SHIVER, is a YA fantasy about werewolves in love. In addition to writing, Maggie is a talented musician who plays the piano, the Celtic harp and the bagpipes, and an artist. She’s been crazy-busy with appearances, so we’re thrilled to have caught her for a few minutes to introduce her to our readers. Here’s Maggie!

I thought, for my guest blog in honor of SHIVER’s release date this month, I would talk about how writing a novel about werewolves made an honest girl of me.

SHIVER is my second novel, coming out this August. It’s a bittersweet love story about Grace, who has always loved the wolves who […]

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Special Guest Friday: Diana Pharaoh Francis

Folks, we are so pleased today to introduce to you Diana Pharaoah Francis, author of the Path series, the Crosspointe series (the most recent title, The Black Ship, is now on bookstore shelves!) and soon the Horngate Witches (Bitter Night coming in the fall!) Diana was raised on a cattle ranch in California, went away to school to earn degrees in creative writing and literature and theory, and now lives in Montana where she teaches at the University of Montana-Western. And of course, she writes great books! But let me let her do the talking!

Diana, what drew you to fantasy in the first place?

That’s a really difficult question because to me it feels like fantasy has been a part of my life since I was born. I remember reading tons and tons fairytales from all over the world from the shelves in my parents’ house. I remember reading […]

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