Making Money Mondays – Saying Yes

My current working environment.

As I’m sitting here on a Sunday morning, wiping sleep from my eyes and trying to get the cat situated on the desk in a way that interferes with neither my typing nor my Pop-Tart ingestion (a pretty critical part of my morning), I was wondering what to write today. I’m also sitting here for a few minutes writing while I let my back rest from lugging boxes of books down from the front room to my office so I can prep for a small appearance/signing I’m doing this afternoon with Gail Z. Martin, J. Matthew Saunders, and Stuart Jaffe at a library here in town.

So my aching back got me to thinking, as I often do, “What’s the point of all these appearances?” It’s not like I make a ton of money at them. Wouldn’t I be better off sitting at home writing […]

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Just back from Dragon*Con late last night and as usual the day after a big con, I’m sleep deprived, elated and let down all at the same time. Sleep deprivation is obvious, of course – who sleeps at a con before it becomes an absolute necessity? You might miss something! Elated because of the fabulous people met and wonderful contacts made. Our booth included incredible authors like David B. Coe/D.B. Jackson, Faith Hunter, Kalayna Price, Keith R.A. DeCandido, Diana Peterfreund, C.L. Wilson, Jennifer St. Giles, Deidre Knight, John Hartness, James Tuck, Elaine Isaak, and Tracy Akers. Many, many books sold out, including THIEFTAKER by D.B. Jackson and the first novel (and sometimes others) in about every series. I wished I’d brought more BAD BLOOD! I know I wasn’t the only one kicking myself for being conservative. Let down because now I have to get back to real life. Although there’s […]

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A Reminder

This a busy week for all of us here at Magical Words, and so today’s regular post won’t be appearing. But please stop by on Friday, when we’ll be hosting special guest Mindy Klasky, author of the Jane Madison books and the Glasswright series. Mindy will be telling us how she made the transition from full-time lawyer to full-time author. And she’ll be giving away a free book. So stop by!

And if you’re in the Charlotte area…Faith, Misty, and David will be signing books with their friend Gail Martin at the Barnes and Noble at Carolina Place in Pineville, NC on Thursday at 7:00 pm. All four of us will also be appearing at ConCarolinas Friday through Sunday. Hope to see some of you there.

Swag Blog — Kim Harrison

I’ve been lurking on Magical Words for months, seeing the advice and techniques of four excellent authors, not to mention the industry experts. When Faith asked me to guest blog, I was at a loss. What could I bring that no one had already touched upon? Until I thought of one of my favorite parts of being a writer—bringing the books to life, not on the page, but through an object, right in the reader’s hand where they can touch, collect, and show off their love of the world that we, as writers, can give them. What I’m talking about of course, is swag.

I’d not heard the term swag until a recent Romance Writers of America conference where swag, basically freebies touting an author’s latest book, were strewn on huge tables to hopefully convince you to buy the book. […]

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