Language of Love

Warning: foul language ahead.





I’ve been reading some romances lately. They do relationships–a whole lot of different kinds, not just romantic–like nobody’s business. There’s a lot to learn from them. Plus I enjoy them, particularly the relationships. Except.

I’ve read a couple books lately of the steamy variety. Explicit sex. I have no problem with this. In fact, bring it on! The hotter the better. No, what’s been bothering me about these two was the language of love. What kept throwing me was the frequent use of ‘fuck.’ Don’t get me wrong. I love the word. I like to use it. With gusto. And I don’t mind it in reference to sex. But both of these books had the lovers saying things very casually like, I really like fucking you. Hey, want to go fuck? Or a man talking about the woman he loves with another […]

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This Post Is About SEX and VIOLENCE

Got your attention with that, didn’t I?

The idea for this post originated with a message I received from a writer who wrote to Faith with a question about writing sex scenes. Faith sent her friend to me, which felt a little like being the Dad whose eight year-old kid comes running into the room saying, “Mommy said you should tell me about the birds and the bees.” But that’s kind of beside the point . . .

The writer in question asked, essentially, how do I write a convincing sex scene without it becoming gratuitous and nothing more, without it being one step removed from tasteless porn.

It’s a terrific question, one that actually goes far beyond sex scenes to encompass any sort of action — magic, fights, battles, murders, sex, and all the other stuff that keeps our readers turning the pages of our books.


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