Why #HoldOnToTheLight Matters


You’ve heard the story about the boy throwing starfish back into the ocean at low tide. A man chides him that the boy can’t save them all, and what difference does such a futile gesture make? “It makes a difference to this one,” the boy replies, tossing another starfish into the sea.

Light one candle. Scare away the dark. Use your voice every time they try to shut your mouth.

The power of one. Refusing to go gently into the dark night.

Defiance is one of the human race’s better attributes.

#HoldOnToTheLight is about throwing starfish and lighting candles. And giving a one-finger salute to the darkness.

As my friend John Hartness likes to say, there is ‘famous’ and then there’s ‘writer famous’. ‘Writer famous’ is when you walk into a con and people recognize you. ‘Famous’ is when you walk into a Starbucks anywhere in the world […]

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67 Posts So Far! 100+ Sci-Fi/Fantasy Authors share personal stories about depression, PTSD for #HoldOnToTheLight

You know their books. Now discover their stories. Over 100 of your favorite science fiction, fantasy, horror, paranormal romance and YA authors are sharing their personal struggles with depression, anxiety, suicide, domestic violence, PTSD and other mental health issues for #HoldOnToTheLight.

You can find the links to the first 67 posts below (helpfully done up as cut-and-paste-ready tweets for you to share!)

#HoldOnToTheLight is a blog campaign encompassing blog posts by fantasy and science fiction authors around the world in an effort to raise awareness around treatment for depression, suicide prevention, domestic violence intervention, PTSD initiatives, bullying prevention and other mental health-related issues. We believe fandom should be supportive, welcoming and inclusive, in the long tradition of fandom taking care of its own. We encourage readers and fans to seek the help they or their loved ones need without shame or embarrassment.

The Posts Thus Far (new posts […]

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