The Downward Side of a Huge Sigh

The last week was incredibly stressful. When school ends, the library has to be in a certain state of order. This isn’t just convincing students and teachers to return their borrowed materials, but putting every single item in our 13K item collection in its proper place, inventorying the whole thing and then searching for the things we couldn’t account for to begin with, sending out notices to students who have lost books and not made good for them and dealing with parents who think we’re somehow targetting their precious babies unjustly. It all adds up to complete exhaustion and snappy attitude. Stress is such a problem that I try my best to clear my soul of it. I usuallly have a massage at least once a month to help keep myself blanced, and I meditate whenever I can. Exercise and dance do wonders for stress reduction as well. But the […]

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When I Write *The End!!!*

Catie blogged yesterday about finishing a monster-sized-word-count book, and what she’ll do to rest between this one and the next one. I have joked here and on other blogs about what I’ll do when I finish Skinwalker, the first in the Jane Yellowrock series. Mostly ripping out the overgrown foliage in the front garden. And yeah, I’ll do that. But to relax and enjoy some of life, there has to be more than root-ripping.

Misty dances, David takes pictures and spends time with his family. It’s been so long since I had an actual break between books that I am a bit lost. What *will* I do? For an entire month???? Starting next Thursday…. OMG that sounds wonderful!

First, I am going to be part of […]

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