David B. Coe: HIS FATHER’S EYES, a Cathartic Novel

If it seems like I just had a release day, like, two weeks ago, that’s because I did. Today is release say for His Father’s Eyes, book II in The Case Files of Justis Fearsson, the contemporary urban fantasy I’m writing as David B. Coe for Baen Books. And I’m pretty excited.

You’ll notice right away that the art for this series is quite different from the art for the Thieftaker books. In part that’s a function of the publisher. Baen likes stuff that looks a little pulpy — and I don’t mean that as a bad thing at all. The roots of our genre lie in the great pulp novels of the mid-20th century, and Baen draws on that tradition with all of its titles. More, I think that the Fearsson books have a noir-pulp element to them, along with a Gothic element and a fantasy element . . […]

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You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

I have three stories for you. I’ll give them to you chronologically.

1) My brothers and their families came to visit us for the holidays this year and the brother who is closest to me in age stayed at our house. He and I are very close, and we lead kind of parallel lives. He’s not a writer, but he is a professional artist. We both have two kids, both have wives who make the lion’s share of the household money and who are way smarter than we are. We’re both into photography, birds, butterflies, etc.

One morning while he was staying with us, I came downstairs wearing a sweater I got last year from my in-laws. It’s blue with a high collar and a zip opening at the neck that goes down about to the chest. It’s not really a style I’d get myself, but I like it and […]

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