Magical Words Party Talk

Last week Kalayna posted asking our readers for ideas of what they’d want us to post about, and you all responded with lots of great suggestions. Some of those ideas, though, wouldn’t really be substantial enough for a whole blog post, so Carrie had a great idea herself – we’d have a day on which everyone answers the question, and we post all of our answers at once. We’ll do this every now and then when there’s an open day, so we hope you all enjoy it.

The question for today is What was the last “Don’t ever break this rule” rule that you broke and did it work?

Diana Pharaoh Francis

I originally thought I would write my Horngate books from Max’s (the main female protagonist) point of view and I did try at the beginning to use the first person perspective. But it didn’t work for me. […]

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My Kingdom for a topic . . .

Ideas are a dime a dozen . . . in fiction. But ideas for a blog about writing fiction that has been up and running for over five years and is absolutely busting with great information? Well, today I find myself short on an idea for a topic that hasn’t already been covered.

So, I thought I’d ask you guys what you’d like to hear more about? What kind of topics haven’t we covered in depth? (or at least not recently?) What are you currently struggling with in your own work that you would like to see future posts on here at magical words? Tell me what you’d like a post on (or multiple posts as each of us here at MW have our own style and way of doing things)? I’ll gather up all the topic ideas and put them in a MW-future-post-treasure-chest, one I shall raid quite heavily […]

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I Give Up

I give up. I’ve twice started a post, and run into snags along the way. One was all about romance in my fiction (kinda like peppermint in my chocolate!) but I realized it was becoming a rant and I needed to cool down and look at it with calmer eyes. The other one wanted to be funny but it’s just…not. Funny is hard, and not-funny that wishes it was funny is pathetic. I thought about writing a post sharing goofy things library patrons have said to me in the last two weeks (and believe me, some of the comments will make you weep for the future of the human race) but then I worried that one of my library coworkers might drop in and decide it was time for my job to be handled by someone who didn’t post things on the internet (There are people who don’t live on […]

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Who You Gonna Call?

The other day, I sent Faith an email. “If I stabbed someone just above the collarbone and managed to cut the aorta, would he be able to speak? And would the bleeding from that wound be gouts of pumping blood, or a slow flow?” I was looking for a way to kill a man that would result in him dying a certain way, in a certain amount of time. Not a real, flesh and blood man, of course, but one who exists only on paper. Even though he wasn’t a real guy, I needed his death to sound real. I could have used my Google-fu to search for the answer, but the question I had was so specific that it would have taken a long time of reading web pages, and I was in the middle of a scene. I didn’t especially want to stop and do research at that […]

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Today the delete key is my friend.

Just call me the Duchess of Deletion.

I started to blog about how it hurts to see one bad review even if forty-‘leven other people have given your book raves. I decided I didn’t feel like being depressed about it, and I didn’t want people to think I was begging for sympathy. I erased that post.

I started another post about what I’ve learned from doing book signings, and realized I haven’t learned enough yet. Let me do some more, and then I’ll have something entertaining to say. That one’s gone.

So now here I am, the clock ticking on my day, and me without a decent topic. I’m opening the floor…what do YOU want to know? Ask one of us, ask us all. Play nicely, please. 😀