Getting Here


<Looks around!> Wow! <Fangirl squee!> <Thud!>

What am I doing here, on this blog, with people that I admire for their strong characters, their ability to give me a vacation from life, for making me think?

Got me. I’m not famous. Not as a writer, anyhow. Now, if you are into dogs or plants, but this blog has nothing to do with any of that.

So here I am, surrounded by those I admire. And stalk. I go to their signings, I follow their pages and blogs and tweets. I want to know more about them. How do they get their ideas? Where do they work? What famous person did they model their characters after?

I want to be the one that finds out what happens in the next book before anyone else.

Boy, that IS stalkerish.

I could stalk, though, if I didn’t [...]

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A new old project only half-baked as yet

Diana Pharaoh FrancisDiana Pharaoh Francis

Hello everyone!

I’m back today as the writer of a new book. Only it’s not a new book, it’s a reissue of an old book, and despite plans to release it this next month, it will probably be longer, possibly another month or two. The fabulous Bell Bridge books is reissuing all the Crosspointe books and publishing the rest of the series. Where we’re at now is that things are slower than expected and hence I’m not able to show you a fancy new cool cover or anything else. I can’t tell you much at all, which makes me feel like a bit of a fraud to be in this space right now. I’m not linking to it on my website, because the cover will change, and I’m not linking to the sample chapters, because I’m revising stuff and it’s going to be changing some. More on that below and [...]

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Faith Hunter — Release Week

Faith HunterFaith Hunter

Hi all. This is my second week on, under the new system. If you have been away from MW this year, and this is your first time back, you are seeing something new. MW has entered a new format, one with more guest speakers and some new emphases—on readers and the business of writing and the life of being a writer, as much as on writing tips, writing toolbox, and methodology.

One of the most important parts in the life of a writer—traditionally published or self-published—is release week. Jan. 7, Tuesday of last week, was release day for BLACK ARTS.

I have to tell you, this feels weird, but I’m game. After some thought, (and two false starts) I decided to make this a post about the business of writing, as much as a PR post about release week, weaving in book blurbs and art and working with the [...]

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The Fiction of a Writer’s Life — Alethea Kontis


Hi All! I’m back for second week at A few years ago, back when I worked for a major book wholesaler, I wrote up A Day in My Life for these lovely Magical Words folks.

My life has changed a LOT since then. The chaos of my schedule, however…not so much.

Being a full time writer means that I don’t have business hours anymore. There is no longer a time I “normally” get up or go to bed. I have no sense of weekdays or weekends. There is only “working” and “feeling guilty about not working.”

I travel a LOT now, so much so that I’ve started creating folders for myself with pertinent information for each trip inside. Of course, in order to do this I have to take a day or two out of my schedule and play at being my own personal assistant…but these [...]

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Dream On

Faith HunterFaith Hunter

Yesterday was the last day of looking back to see where we came from, what we survived. Back then – back in last year – some of us cheated death, or lost family or friends to that evil. Maybe some lost jobs or pets or were forced to relocate or saw health deteriorate. Last year might have been hard on all of us.

That said, some of us had great successes, had health improve, found a place to live, saw families growing, found new jobs, got a loving pet, found a new love or a new friend. Even in the worst of times, there are the small joys.

But today is 1 – 1 – 2014. It’s the first day of a new year, and it’s time to look forward and to dream. Many of us have made resolutions and set goals and started the new year already at the [...]

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Goals – 2014 Edition

John G. Hartness

I’m off work for a week. I try to take the week between Christmas and New Year’s whenever I have the vacation time left over because it’s typically dead in our industry and it’s a good time for management to not be in the office. My sales people don’t have customers to call, because they’re all on vacation, so if I’ve got the plan for next year in place (kinda) it’s a good time to take off and leave the mice to play for a few days.

With that, my head immediately turned future-wise once I finished with Christmas dinner yesterday. Money was tight all around my family this year, which made for a less consumer-centric holiday and more introspection, which was nice and a little more relaxed. I did pick up a nice new pair of slippers, though, with better soles than my old pair so I can [...]

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Yesterday, All My Troubles Seemed ….

Faith HunterFaith Hunter



Whatever. Anyway, Yesterday was an amazing day. Today, I am just now getting the word out and telling people and…

It’s like this. And it’s all about creating characters.

Yesterday was the release day for KICKING IT, the anthology Kalayna Price and I edited. It did well (very well) on release day, in no small part to the efforts of my PR team and my street team and the efforts of Chloe Neill who has PR nailed.

Yesterday was also the release day of the new revamped (haha) website . It is stylish and slick and I love it!

Yesterday was the day I turned in a proposal and character for a new series.

And Yesterday was also the day I turned in my notice that, after the first of the year, I will no longer be a full time lab rat. I went [...]

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