Writing By Numbers


As far as I know, there aren’t any packages with paper, pens, and numbers you fill in to write a masterpiece, so that’s not what this is about.

It’s the simple fact that I hate numbers. Now, as a former biologist, who specialized in the most math heavy specialty in biology, that may seem odd. However, by the time I was in grad school, computers were just entering the scenes and there were wonderful programs that could do the biostats in seconds. With a matrix of nine characters across (leaf measurements) and five hundred across (number of plants), it made life easy.

I still can’t balance my checkbook. I can’t remember my phone number. And I have a heck of a hard time keeping score when I judge dogs. I let someone else take care of the addition.

Why didn’t anyone tell me the truth about [...]

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Faith Hunter — Release Week

Faith HunterFaith Hunter

Hi all. This is my second week on MagicalWords.net, under the new system. If you have been away from MW this year, and this is your first time back, you are seeing something new. MW has entered a new format, one with more guest speakers and some new emphases—on readers and the business of writing and the life of being a writer, as much as on writing tips, writing toolbox, and methodology.

One of the most important parts in the life of a writer—traditionally published or self-published—is release week. Jan. 7, Tuesday of last week, was release day for BLACK ARTS.

I have to tell you, this feels weird, but I’m game. After some thought, (and two false starts) I decided to make this a post about the business of writing, as much as a PR post about release week, weaving in book blurbs and art and working with the [...]

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The Fiction of a Writer’s Life — Alethea Kontis


Hi All! I’m back for second week at MagicalWords.net. A few years ago, back when I worked for a major book wholesaler, I wrote up A Day in My Life for these lovely Magical Words folks.

My life has changed a LOT since then. The chaos of my schedule, however…not so much.

Being a full time writer means that I don’t have business hours anymore. There is no longer a time I “normally” get up or go to bed. I have no sense of weekdays or weekends. There is only “working” and “feeling guilty about not working.”

I travel a LOT now, so much so that I’ve started creating folders for myself with pertinent information for each trip inside. Of course, in order to do this I have to take a day or two out of my schedule and play at being my own personal assistant…but these [...]

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Dream On

Faith HunterFaith Hunter

Yesterday was the last day of looking back to see where we came from, what we survived. Back then – back in last year – some of us cheated death, or lost family or friends to that evil. Maybe some lost jobs or pets or were forced to relocate or saw health deteriorate. Last year might have been hard on all of us.

That said, some of us had great successes, had health improve, found a place to live, saw families growing, found new jobs, got a loving pet, found a new love or a new friend. Even in the worst of times, there are the small joys.

But today is 1 – 1 – 2014. It’s the first day of a new year, and it’s time to look forward and to dream. Many of us have made resolutions and set goals and started the new year already at the [...]

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On Writing: Knowledge Versus Wisdom


I love doing the puzzles in my local newspaper. (Kids, newspapers are collections of paper that are delivered to your home each morning. They include all the interesting stuff that you saw on Twitter and YouTube yesterday . . .) I do the Sudoku, the crossword, and, my favorite, the Cryptoquote. The Cryptoquote is that puzzle that gives you an encoded quote; you have to figure out what each letter represents to discover the quote and its author. I bring this up, because this week I solved a puzzle and discovered one of the best quotes I’d ever heard. It’s from Miles Kington, the late British journalist:

“Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit; wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.”

Yes, this does have something to do with writing. In fact, it has everything to do with writing. This site offers a lot of knowledge, and, [...]

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Yesterday, All My Troubles Seemed ….

Faith HunterFaith Hunter



Whatever. Anyway, Yesterday was an amazing day. Today, I am just now getting the word out and telling people and…

It’s like this. And it’s all about creating characters.

Yesterday was the release day for KICKING IT, the anthology Kalayna Price and I edited. It did well (very well) on release day, in no small part to the efforts of my PR team and my street team and the efforts of Chloe Neill who has PR nailed.

Yesterday was also the release day of the new revamped (haha) website www.faithhunter.net . It is stylish and slick and I love it!

Yesterday was the day I turned in a proposal and character for a new series.

And Yesterday was also the day I turned in my notice that, after the first of the year, I will no longer be a full time lab rat. I went [...]

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The PUSH. The Result of Hard Work and …

Faith HunterFaith Hunter

Years ago, a pal of mine’s sixth paperback (excellent book) was published, and a buyer at Borders/Waldenbooks read it. He fell in love with the book. He liked it so much that he ordered a ton of books and pushed that writer’s books in Borders-affiliated stores. It was the push that writer’s career needed to get off the ground and fly. Not many writers get that push. Most of us work our buns off and just hope for a chance like that — that push from behind that catapults us to the next level. When it happens it’s luck, blessing, whatever you want to call it.

There are things we can do to help that possibility along, of course. It’s called promotions. I’ve been doing a ton of PR for all the products I have coming out these next few weeks. (If you missed the releases, you can see them [...]

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