David B. Coe: Creating a Nemesis For Our Protagonist

My friend Mary Robinette Kowal has hosted me on her website several times for a feature she calls “My Favorite Bit.” This is a chance for authors to win over potential readers by writing about their absolute favorite part of their new work — a character they love, a plot twist that makes them all warm and fuzzy inside . . . You get the idea. I’ve written several of these for Mary in the past; I didn’t want to trouble her for yet another spot on her blog this summer, but I thought I would borrow her idea (with attribution, obviously) for today’s post.

His Father’s Eyes, the second book in The Case Files of Justis Fearsson, has been out now for a bit over two weeks. If you have purchased a copy, thank you. If you have not, please do. It’s a really good book. Seriously, I love […]

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Writing — Extreme vs Mundane Protagonists

Before I start, I want to thank all of you who helped make my book launch a success. 10 Bits of My Brain is off to a great start and the MW community is a big part of that. If you enjoy the book, please tell your friends. And now, since you and I need a change of pace, let’s talk about writing!

I’ve been thinking about character lately. In particular, about the difference between extreme protagonists and mundane protagonists. For my purposes, an extreme protagonist is the kind of character who is all action, never an ounce of self-doubt, never a moment of hesitation, the uber-hero. This is Jack Reacher territory (or for cinematically inclined — the 80s action heroes like Stallone and Schwarzenegger). A mundane protagonist is more likely to sit back and let the world happen. This is the character that tries to avoid the conflict that […]

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The Great Satan Part 1

Antagonists The Great Satan… Or… The Axis of Evil Or… The enemy of my enemy is my friend Or… The BBUs

Despite the subtitles this is not a post about religion or politics. I was brought up Southern and according to my mawmaw, “We don’t talk about things like that, Punkin…”

((Which is one reason why slavery, the genocide of the American Indian, and government approved racism were permitted, and a thousand lesser evils took / take place. No one talked about the pink elephant in the room. But really. That is not what this post is about.))

This post is about the believable bad guy, the antagonist, from the “quiet guy next door” who keeps to himself, grows beautiful azaleas, and kills children on weekends, to the Satan of religion. David’s post last week, and the back and forth comments, stimulated this train of thought—Bad Guys—the Big Bad Uglies […]

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