Targeted PR, Cross-Promotion, and Knowing Your Audience

Today I’m going to piggyback on Faith’s PR post from yesterday. She gave some awesome advice that those of you who recently sold your first book and think 12-18 months until release is a long time should pay extra close attention to. Trust me, when it comes to promoting your first book, the months directly around the release are going to be madness so already having templates for interviews and your website up, professional, and easy for search engines to find will make things easier during a time that has the potential to be very stressful. If you’re not yet at that stage in the game, bookmark her post and come back to it when you’ve sold.

Faith also mentioned reviewers, review sites, and bloggers. Whether you are published or not this is something you can research now without any extra work on your part–simply note what review sites and […]

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PR Part 6

(subtitle) How to tailor the interview/PR moment.

I’ve talked for the last few sessions about the interview and its importance to any PR effort. The great thing about an interview is that (if you work it) you can twist a basic interview into all sorts of new and fantastical shapes.

When a new book comes out, I have to come up with at least 5 good interviews (and maybe as many good blogs, but this post is about interviews). If someone Googles or Bings (or whatever search engine they may be using) Faith Hunter, it should be easy for that reader to find interviews that tell them something new at every site. If they learn the same thing in every place, they’ll stop after the second try. I want them to keep digging, like a stalker on the hunt, because I want them to talk about my books, about me, […]

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PR Success – PR Failure Part 4

In my last few posts of last year, I was writing about PR, and the good/bad/and ugly of book promotions.

Before I get to parties and how they can improve your career, I wanted to do a bit more on Interviews, because they are so very important. Mercy Blade, the 3rd Jane Yellowrock novel came out yesterday. There hasn’t been a lot of pub hoopla, no tours, no publisher’s promo. But there have been a lot of requests for interviews, a number of reviews (some 5 star, some 4 star and the usual rare, “I hate these books. I don’t understand them,” or “I hate these books. There’s no romance in them,” reviews.) These last I ignore. In fact I seldom read reviews at all. But I work really hard at interviews, trying to keep new info in each, tidbits tossed out that keep fans (hopefully) hunting and hoping for […]

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