A Premium Humble Bundle

Hello all. I somehow managed to get included in this amazing Humble Bundle. I wanted to tell you about it because for a low price, you can get books by Octavia Butler, Robin McKinley, Elizabeth Hand, Katherine Kurtz, Jane Yolen, Kate Elliot, among others, including yours truly. It’s too good a deal not to tell you about, so I am. Click on the picture below and go explore the deal for yourselves.

On images and social media

I’m by no means a graphic designer. When my first book came out in 2009 I relied on a friend to design my bookmarks, and while she’s wonderful and did a fantastic job, I was always frustrated that I had to rely on someone else. I felt like being able to do this sort of thing myself would be a useful skill. So I downloaded a trial of Photoshop thinking that maybe I could figure it out, and was immediately overwhelmed. I looked into actually taking a Photoshop class but it was absurdly expensive (and I knew that if I didn’t use what I learned regularly, I would just forget it all).

Then about two years ago, another friend told me about GIMP, a free program similar to Photoshop, and she gave me a brief overview of the basics. For a while I used it to play around, Googling for […]

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When networking and PR turn into something else entirely. Part Two.

Last time I posted it was on the benefits of networking in the business. And frankly the benefits are astounding, even for a social misfit like me. For some people networking is easy—thinking here of David, who seems to make friends like nobody’s business. It’s harder for me. It just is. Partly because I don’t remember names. (It’s a social affliction. I forgot the Hubby’s name on our honeymoon after knowing him since 8th grade and dating him for over 7 years.) Partly because of foot-in-mouth disease. But I still have made more friends as a writer than I have enemies. I hope. And a lot of them appear here regularly, and I have seen them at Cons regularly, and I plan to see them at more Cons, and I plan to do PR with them, and I really like them!

In fact, Misty Massey and David B. Coe (DB […]

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Blog in Two Parts: Deadlines, and PR for Newbies

Yeah, I know. No correlation in subject matter. But, I’m going for it anyway.

Part One: Manic-Deadlines Update

In case you may have forgotten, I claimed manic-insanity in my last post. Since then I’ve gotten some sleep, thank God!) gotten some moments pain-free after my fall (I did tell you guys I’d been in pain?) and gotten most of the deadlines met. I found a publisher for the rest of the English-language rights publication of Cat Tales, negotiated that with Lucienne Diver (agent) launched Easy Pickings with Catie Murphy (in PDF only) from our websites with Paypal auto downloads. We are now ready to launch it from Kindle and Nook as a e-book. Cat Tales is out and is doing very well. {Squeeeee.}

My other NYC agent has sent out a manuscript and is awaiting replies. I’ve shopped hard and either made or bought my Christmas presents […]

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PR Part 6

(subtitle) How to tailor the interview/PR moment.

I’ve talked for the last few sessions about the interview and its importance to any PR effort. The great thing about an interview is that (if you work it) you can twist a basic interview into all sorts of new and fantastical shapes.

When a new book comes out, I have to come up with at least 5 good interviews (and maybe as many good blogs, but this post is about interviews). If someone Googles or Bings (or whatever search engine they may be using) Faith Hunter, it should be easy for that reader to find interviews that tell them something new at every site. If they learn the same thing in every place, they’ll stop after the second try. I want them to keep digging, like a stalker on the hunt, because I want them to talk about my books, about me, […]

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When I Write *The End!!!*

Catie blogged yesterday about finishing a monster-sized-word-count book, and what she’ll do to rest between this one and the next one. I have joked here and on other blogs about what I’ll do when I finish Skinwalker, the first in the Jane Yellowrock series. Mostly ripping out the overgrown foliage in the front garden. And yeah, I’ll do that. But to relax and enjoy some of life, there has to be more than root-ripping.

Misty dances, David takes pictures and spends time with his family. It’s been so long since I had an actual break between books that I am a bit lost. What *will* I do? For an entire month???? Starting next Thursday…. OMG that sounds wonderful!

First, I am going to be part of […]

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