Your pitch is important, too!

Last weekend I was at Connooga with a bunch of awesome people, including fellow Magical Words-er James R. Tuck (who has a new book out this week, so go check that out!), and sat on a bunch of panels. If you’ve never attended a con panel, then shame on you, you’ve missed our collective live brilliance! But more to the point, the first thing we all do is introduce ourselves to the audience.

My introduction goes something like this – “Blah, blah John Hartness blahblah Black Knight Chronicles from Bell Bridge Books blahblah Bubba the Monster Hunter blahblah Magical Words group writing blog blahblah Big Bad Anthology Dark Oak Press.

After about three panels in a year it starts to roll off the tongue well. Misty can vouch for how clumsy my intros were at Illogicon, the first show of the year. But by now, after three cons in […]

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Just back from Dragon*Con late last night and as usual the day after a big con, I’m sleep deprived, elated and let down all at the same time. Sleep deprivation is obvious, of course – who sleeps at a con before it becomes an absolute necessity? You might miss something! Elated because of the fabulous people met and wonderful contacts made. Our booth included incredible authors like David B. Coe/D.B. Jackson, Faith Hunter, Kalayna Price, Keith R.A. DeCandido, Diana Peterfreund, C.L. Wilson, Jennifer St. Giles, Deidre Knight, John Hartness, James Tuck, Elaine Isaak, and Tracy Akers. Many, many books sold out, including THIEFTAKER by D.B. Jackson and the first novel (and sometimes others) in about every series. I wished I’d brought more BAD BLOOD! I know I wasn’t the only one kicking myself for being conservative. Let down because now I have to get back to real life. Although there’s […]

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