Characters Like Me? Nope.

Some of you may have noticed that I didn’t post last week. It was a tough week. I spent most of it sleepless, working third shift, sitting by Mom’s hospital bedside (again sleepless) and crying my eyeballs out – for two very different reasons. Mom’s is fine, BTW. We finally discovered yesterday that it was skeletal, not heart. Her chiropractor fixed her. Sigh… The crying part was because my beloved dog Delta died. We’d had her (and she’d had our hearts) for nearly 15 years. The following portion of this post notwithstanding, Delta had been a big part of my (Gwen Hunter’s) writing for her whole life. She was Big Dog in the Rhea Lynch novels and is Butchie in Rapid Descent coming in 09. So…on to my topic and you’ll see how the subject of Delta blends in to what I wanted to talk about […]

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