Friday Fundamentals: Choosing the Right Editor

Happy Friday, friends!

This time last week I was just starting a fabulous weekend at ConGregate, one of my favorite conventions, and thinking about the panel I was to sit on later that night: Finding the Right Editor.

It was a great panel, or at least I thought so. Sharon Stogner, Leona Wisoker, and I were the panelists discussing what a writer needs to consider when hiring a freelance editor. Since I talked a good bit about Magical Words during that panel, I thought I’d share some of what we discussed.

We primarily focused on hiring editors for either self-publishing or when looking for a publisher and/or agent since a lot of this doesn’t apply so much to publisher-assigned editors. Some does, so take what you want.

We compared finding an editor to dating, which actually works out really well.

Decide you want a date:

First, […]

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I Don’t Know What To Say

I’m having one of those days, in which I know I’m supposed to come up with something brilliant (or wise, or maybe at the very least amusing) for everyone to read here today. I’ve got nothing. I’m writing a short story that’s due in about 15 days, and I spent the weekend prepping panel choices for the writer guests for ConCarolinas (are you coming? We’d love to see you there!) I had two editorial Skype meetings for an as-yet-unnamed super-secret project. I’ve brainstormed a choreography for an upcoming belly dance show in the fall and gathered bags and boxes full of unnecessary possessions that I’m going to sell at my parents’ yard sale this weekend.

Is it any wonder I’m blanking on what to write today?

******** I was a guest at Anachrocon back in February. It’s a charming Steampunk con in the wilds of Atlanta GA. The panels I […]

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The Same Old Song

Several years back, I swore to myself (and to my husband, who was trapped in the car with me and unable to avoid hearing my rant) that I would never, ever sit on a panel called “Strong Female Characters” ever again. I had just been on one at a con, and while the discussion was perfectly reasonable and the audience attentive, we were rehashing the same old crap that’s been said thousands of times. And none of it changes anything. A panel called “Strong Female Characters” tends to affirm the often unspoken rule that white heterosexual male characters are the norm, and women are somehow different.

The same problem lurks with all sorts of commonly scheduled panels on diversity. Another that bugs me is “Writing the Other”. In an ideal world, a panel about writing the other would focus on how each of us is both different and alike, and […]

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What the Actual?

I love going to cons. Very often it’s my only chance to see people I adore, since we don’t all live close enough to have coffee dates. But not only that – it’s just fun. I got home from Congregate a few hours ago. While there I moderated a panel on diversity in SF/F and its fandom (which was incredible! I wish you all could have been there!) served on panels about the Weird Wild West, settings in fiction, and Kickstarters, read my work out loud to an appreciative audience, and appeared as the middle bottom square in a truly hysterical version of The Hollywood Squares (John Hartness sat next to me, and I just can’t describe how crazy the whole game was!) Friday night I shut down the bar with a bunch of people, and Saturday night my husband and I flitted from room party to room party until […]

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What Do You Want?

Okay, guys, I’m going to cheat a little today. But it’s all in the name of making you happy! I’ve been asked to appear at some upcoming cons (one of the really fun aspects of a writer’s life!) and of course, I have to help by making suggestions for panels. Normally I can come up with a half-dozen or so reasonably good ideas, but I suddenly found myself worrying that we’re repeating the same old panels over and over. I know we can always talk about “Strong Female Characters” or “How To Approach An Agent” and hopefully reach a few people who haven’t seen that panel a hundred times, but maybe there are other subjects we’ve neglected.

Normally the blog is about bringing information to you, the readers, but today I’m asking for your help. Are there any panel ideas you’ve always wished would turn up at a con? […]

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Just back from Dragon*Con late last night and as usual the day after a big con, I’m sleep deprived, elated and let down all at the same time. Sleep deprivation is obvious, of course – who sleeps at a con before it becomes an absolute necessity? You might miss something! Elated because of the fabulous people met and wonderful contacts made. Our booth included incredible authors like David B. Coe/D.B. Jackson, Faith Hunter, Kalayna Price, Keith R.A. DeCandido, Diana Peterfreund, C.L. Wilson, Jennifer St. Giles, Deidre Knight, John Hartness, James Tuck, Elaine Isaak, and Tracy Akers. Many, many books sold out, including THIEFTAKER by D.B. Jackson and the first novel (and sometimes others) in about every series. I wished I’d brought more BAD BLOOD! I know I wasn’t the only one kicking myself for being conservative. Let down because now I have to get back to real life. Although there’s […]

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Con Season

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you all got a chance to celebrate with people you love (or at least like really well.) We’re only a couple of days in, but so far 2012 has been a very good year indeed. I’m working on a character series for my next few posts, but today’s post is actually a call for assistance from you, my dear MW readers.

You see, it’s nearly con season. Con! That shocking time of year when tons of wicked little thoughts merrily appear! It’s mad! It’s gay! A libelous display!* There’s so much to do to get ready for the fun. Outfits have to be planned (especially if there’s any costuming to be done.) Travel has to be arranged. Bookmarks, business cards and freebies have to be printed, and books have to be ordered. And of course, there are the panels to prep for. Now you […]

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