Holes in the Day

I’ve been taking y’all with me through the early creative process of writing a book. I’m not saying that anyone else will pass through these same steps or in this same order, but that some of the steps of creativity may resonate with you. And I’m late posting today because I’ve been rewriting and have also been distracted.

First the distraction part. Distraction is a part of a writer’s life because we have to have a life. We have to have something going on outside of the writing or we go seriously wonky. Some writers turn to drink or drugs or other vices. Some get caught up in a writers block that feels like the Hoover dam. Some get physically sick. (I chose the physically sick route when I closed out the world and am still paying the price.) So we have to have distractions, i.e.: a life.


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Quoth the Raven…

I’m supposed to blog today… About writing. Factual stuff. Stuff you guys can use. And all I can think about, all I can remember is the raven….

See, there was this raven (I blogged about in my MySpace, and LJ sites) and I’ll paste a bit about it here….

>>As I started the run [of the Nantahala, my kayak] was out front of my paddling friends, with them in a long line behind me like bobbing buoys on the water. It isn’t my favorite place in a line of paddlers, as I like being in the middle somewhere. But for a moment I was at point, feeling alone on the river, watching the sunlight light bounce off the wave-tops, glorying in the feeling of solitude though there were likely a hundred people within shouting distance. I glanced back.

And… this raven flew along the length of the river, between the […]

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When I Write *The End!!!*

Catie blogged yesterday about finishing a monster-sized-word-count book, and what she’ll do to rest between this one and the next one. I have joked here and on other blogs about what I’ll do when I finish Skinwalker, the first in the Jane Yellowrock series. Mostly ripping out the overgrown foliage in the front garden. And yeah, I’ll do that. But to relax and enjoy some of life, there has to be more than root-ripping.

Misty dances, David takes pictures and spends time with his family. It’s been so long since I had an actual break between books that I am a bit lost. What *will* I do? For an entire month???? Starting next Thursday…. OMG that sounds wonderful!

First, I am going to be part of […]

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