David B. Coe: Taking Stock and Taking Risks

Another year, another New Year’s post. That’s not meant to sound like a complaint; I actually love to write them. I use the New Year’s holiday as an opportunity to take stock and assess my accomplishments for the year that’s ending, and also to wipe the slate clean and “start from scratch” on a new year.

This New Year’s in particular feels momentous for me in a professional sense. I have just completed the most productive writing year of my life. I wrote three complete novels in 2014, as well as two new short stories and more blog posts than I care to count. I also edited two books and proofed two others. I recently totalled it up, and I’m pretty certain that I wrote about 400,000 words this year. I had a new Thieftaker book come out (A Plunder of Souls), as well as three original short stories.

And […]

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Happy New Writing!

Every holiday comes with its own traditions. Here in the south, on New Year’s Day, many of us eat hoppin’ john and collard greens. Hoppin’ John is a mixture of black-eyed peas and rice, and the more you eat, the more days of good luck you’re destined to have in the new year. The greens represent money (which is a tough one for me, because while I’d love to eat enough collards to pay off all my bills for the year, I don’t actually like them. I plan to substitute brussels sprouts this year. I’ll let you know if it works.) Even though we know that luck and money are not really determined by one’s menu on a specific day, we do it anyway.

There’s another tradition, though, one that I think is a good one to practice. It’s said that whatever you do on New Year’s Day is what […]

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Another New year, another round of Writers’ Resolutions

This weekend we’ll be ringing in the new year. There will be lots of looking back on the past twelve months, lots of Best Of lists being put together, and lots of plans made for 2012. I want to focus on that last and offer an opportunity for all in MW land to share their writerly resolutions for the coming year. Not desperately original, I confess, but hopefully useful.

To be clear, I’m not looking for hopes, dreams or even goals, and certainly not those achievements over which we have only minimal control (landing an agent or a publisher, say, hitting the bestseller list or scoring a movie deal). I’m looking for things which are more directly the results of our own efforts and determination, the things we resolve to do, decisions of a practical nature which will—hopefully—make us better or more productive writers. Perhaps if you force yourself to […]

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Welcome, 2009!

Happy New Year, everyone!

I’m always a little weepy saying goodbye to the old year, and hello to the new. Especially this past year, which saw the release of my first book. I know there were a lot of rough spots along 2008’s path, but it will always be a memorable year for me. Now we’re standing at the threshold of a shiny new year, full of possibilities. And like my partners, I have goals I hope to achieve.


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