The Musical Side of Writing

Last week I posted about the similarities between writing and the visual arts. Last night I went to see Jerry Douglas and his band play at the Belcourt Theater in Nashville. It was an unbelievable concert in a small, intimate venue, by one of the finest musicians on the planet. Not surprisingly, this week I’m thinking about music…

At first blush, music and writing would seem to have as little in common as any pair of art forms. Consider this for a moment: You go to a music store and find that your favorite musician has just released a new CD! You’re so excited! You buy the CD, take it home, and listen to it beginning to end. And then you put the CD on its place on the shelf and never listen to it again.

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A Writer’s Selection of Music for Writing

Looking back on my recent posts, I see that I’ve been Very Serious in every one of them, which really isn’t like me at all. I guess this has been a Serious Time. Lots of work, much of it not very much fun, sick kids, friends going through hard times. Serious stuff. But I want to do something fun this week, if for no other reason than because I need to, for my own well being.


I’ve posted before, elsewhere, about how important music is to my work. When I’m writing a book, I have to have music on. And not just any music. I don’t do real well listening to rock or pop in any of its incarnations, mostly because I find that lyrics throw me off. The last thing I need when I’m writing is someone else’s words kicking around in my head, repeating themselves in melodic, […]

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Creative Professions, Creative Outlets

Last Friday I hung my first one-man photography show in a local gallery. I’ve been a dedicated amateur photographer for a long time now, though I’ve only gotten serious about it in the last four years or so. I have photos hanging in a second gallery here in town, alongside the work of other local artists. But as I say, this new exhibit, which opened Monday and runs through mid-May, is my first solo venture.

What does this have to do with writing? Nothing. And everything. Allow me to go off on another artistic tangent. I’m also a musician. I sing, and I’ve been playing guitar for over thirty years. I played quite a bit when I was younger — high school, college, graduate school. Once I started writing fiction professionally, and I assumed for a long time that this was because my profession provided me with the creative outlet […]

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