Round 1…WRITE!

Hey there, writers.

I have a quest for you, if you choose to take it.

Post 100 (or fewer) words of your WIP (work in progress) in the comments below, and I will offer you editorial advice on it!

The advice I offer will be heavily grammatical and mechanical, but I will also give advice on word choice, pacing, character, clarity, etc. as appropriate.

Also, feel free to comment on your fellow writers’ work.

Now, show me what you’ve got!


Putting It All on Paper — Melissa Gilbert

A few things happened that led to this post. Let me fill you in before we get started.

I’ve been a reader of the Jane Yellowrock series since the beginning, and I love the series, and Faith, of course. (I’m a Beast Claw, a member of her street team, too!) I had a chat with Faith about wanting to get into the publishing/editing world and what all that entailed. She suggested that I research story arcs, read Black Arts, and work up a discussion of the pacing of the arcs. Yeah, she gave me a homework assignment. That homework assignment developed into this post.

The first thing I needed to learn concerning story arcs was…what in the world is a story arc? I hit Google and learned that a story arc is the course the action takes along a story line. There can be multiple arcs in each book and […]

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