Making Money Mondays – Why Writing to Market is a Trap (or the best thing ever!)

I know, I promised I’d talk about mailing lists, Mailchimp, and BookFunnel, but that’s gonna have to wait a little bit.

Yep, that post title is clickbait. But it does describe what we’re going to talk about today – Writing to Market and when it’s a good idea. And when it’s brutally stupid. Because like so many things in life, the answer is “it depends.”

Some of the few questions where the answer is NEVER “it depends.” Just for a giggle before we get going –

Should I put my finger there? The answer is almost always NO. Should I try this exciting new piece of sushi prepared by the student sushi chef? Again, NO. Two words – Puffer. Fish. Things you do not do with rookies – eat their sushi, let them pack your parachute, summon ghosts, build pipe bombs. Should I climb or jump off this? If you’re […]

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Making Money Mondays – Fans v. True Fans

Good Morning, world! I have a little bit of news from Casa de Hartness, and that is that Man in Black, The Black Knight Chronicles #6, is finished! We pushed through the last round of copy edits last week, and it looks like the book will be out mid-August, which means I’ll have a few copies on hand at Dragon*Con, and hopefully Soda City Comic Con the weekend before. I’m really proud of this book; I think it ties up a lot of the initial story arc of the Black Knight boys well, and gives us someplace to go for the final three books of the series. I’ll have a cover reveal and ordering information next time I’m here.

Now on to our main topic – fans. Now I’m not ever going to bash fans, because I love my fans. Hell, I love everybody’s fans, because I’m a fan myself. […]

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It’s Supposed To Be A Living

“Why should we have to pay for the stories in your head?”

Last week, Facebook was buzzing over an incident with a romance author who received a horrible message from a “fan”. The woman had purchased ebooks by the author, read them, returned them for a refund, then complained that while she enjoyed the stories just fine, the author should make all her books free because paying for them was too difficult for the “fan”. The author blocked her (because duh) so the “fan” created a new account and messaged the author again, calling her names and telling her that she could have been a bestseller if only she’d make her books free for everyone, then ended her message with the line above.

First off, I’m at a loss as to how one becomes a bestseller by giving away all the books. I didn’t get any further than Algebra II/Trigonometry […]

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What’s It Cost?

So my well died sometime in the night.

At least, I assume that’s what happened. We woke up this morning to discover that there was no water pressure. (Nope, the pipes aren’t frozen – it wasn’t that cold last night.) The guy is coming over later today to take a look. He had recommended that we fix something else a while back, and warned that if we didn’t fix the other thing, we’d likely see our well pump die sooner than expected. (It is 25 years old, so it was probably time for it to go anyway, but I digress…) Trouble was that in addition to fixing the thing, there are so many, many other things that demand my money. I need to replace the roof, and my front windows are in dreadful shape. My kitchen floor could use replacing, and the carpet in the great room is way beyond […]

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