Release Day Fun!!

Release day for the hardcover of Thieves’ Quarry and the paperback edition of Thieftaker is tomorrow, July 2. This will be my fourteenth release day of an original title (I’ve had somewhere in the mid-twenties if you include all the paperback editions), and I have to admit to being every bit as nervous and excited about this one as I have been about all the others. The excitement never really gets old, and the fear never ever goes away.

As part of my ongoing Thieves’ Quarry Blog Tour, I have two posts up today in addition to this one. I am at Aidan Moher’s “A Dribble of Ink” with a post about ideology and writing, which expands on a post I wrote here several weeks back. I am also interviewed at the blog of friend-of-MW, Alethea Kontis. I hope you will check out both posts.

I am too frazzled/psyched/terrified to […]

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Merry Christmas, All!

Farther back than I honestly want to do the math to figure out, my dear friend Beatriz, my family and I were coming home from spending a day at the North Carolina Renaissance Faire. It was a long drive, and to entertain ourselves, we composed a few Christmas carols fit for the fine and adventuresome pirates we were. Today being Christmas Day, I hope all of you who celebrate it (whether in a religious or secular fashion, or both) are having a delightful time. If you happen to feel like singing a carol or two, feel free to use our compositions to add a bit of rollick to the festivities.

Silver Bells (to the tune of “Silver Bells”)

Silver bells, golden plates, we’re in your hold and we’re looting! Crowns and rings, we’re stealing things! This feels just like Christmas Day!


A Pirate’s Christmas (sung to the tune […]

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There’s Nothing New…

“What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.” (Ecclesiastes 1:9-14 NIV)

A sixth grader approached my desk today, all excited. “You didn’t tell us your next book was ready!” he said, waving a hardcover book he’d pulled from the shelf. I smiled and told him I hadn’t written that one, and he looked confused. “But it’s the same character,” he said, handing the book over. Sure enough, the main character of the book in question was named Kestrel (though thankfully not a pirate.) I’ve been stressing lately over the shiny new character whose story is waiting in the wings for its turn to be written, because after reading a recent copy of School Library Journal, I discovered that his name is also the name of a character in a young adult trilogy and one in an adult […]

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Since All The Cool Kids Are Doing It…

When I was a kid, slam books were all the rage. They were spiral-bound notebooks or three-ring binders. The first page was always a registration page, on which you signed your name next to the number you would use as your identifier throughout the book. On the subsequent pages, you’d find highly personal questions you were required to answer (What is your favorite ice cream? Would you rather marry David Cassidy or Bobby Sherman? What boy at this school do you want to kiss?) This is like that, except not on paper, and I won’t get in trouble in class for writing in the book instead of listening to the teacher.

I write best when the earbuds are in my ears. I can spill words like a broken dam spills water when I listen to Andres Segovia playing Bach. Beethoven is my other go-to guy. Not to say that I […]

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