Ethics in Speculative Fiction

I spent this weekend at Mysticon, in Roanoke VA, where I learned a few things, taught a few other things, observed wacky behaviors and brilliant ones, too, and generally had a great time surrounded by my people. I rode up with Gail Martin and John Hartness. We drove through nearly impenetrable fog and snow-covered hills, chatting and laughing all the way. On Saturday morning, I joined John to read our work to an appreciative audience, and premiered Miniature Pirate Theater as accompaniment to the reading. Trust me, you haven’t lived until you’ve watched tiny plastic pirates work a tiny plastic stripper pole while John reads from Bubba the Monster Hunter. Gail’s launch party for her latest, Ice Forged, was a raucous affair, full of happy people eating cake and buying books. I met a couple of writers who’ll probably be making guest appearances here later on this year, and got […]

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When Magic Goes Off The Grid

Happy Friday, y’all! Please welcome our friend and today’s special guest, Gail Z Martin! She has a brand-new book coming out this week, and we were thrilled to let her come here to tell you all about it. Ready? Here she is!

If you’ve ever lived through an extended power outage, you know how inconvenient, scary and dangerous it can be when the power grid goes down. Without electric power, food spoils, buildings get too cold or too hot, businesses can’t function and in a total outage, even emergency services grind to a halt. We’ve seen how devastating it can be to go without electricity when natural disasters or war destroy a region’s infrastructure. Modern civilization rapidly disintegrates without the conveniences, safety measures, and tools upon which we’ve come to rely. When society relies on something as fundamentally as we rely on electricity, everything falls apart when that element […]

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Gail Martin’s Hawthorn Moon Event

Gail Z. Martin, author of The Fallen Kings Cycle series (The Sworn and The Dread) and a friend of Magical Words from way back, agreed to visit us today to unveil her sneak peek of Ice Forged, Book One in The Ascendant Kingdoms Saga, coming from Orbit Books in 2013. Gail’s giving everyone a first look at the cover art for Ice Forged, as well as book excerpts, author Q&A and more as part of her Hawthorn Moon Online Sneak Peek Event. She’s got exclusive goodies spread out across more than a dozen partner sites, and you can find out about it all on Gail’s site, Welcome back to MW, Gail!

Q: You’ve got a new series launching in January, with Ice Forged, and you’re doing an online sneak peek event you call the Hawthorn Moon Event. What led you to create a new series on the heels […]

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