That’s Absurd! – Bringing Humor into the Story

Good morning, y’all! Today we’re bringing you a post from our guest, Josh Vogt. Writer. Freelancer. Unashamed geek. Josh splits his time between dreaming up new worlds and forms of magic and providing marketing/sales copy for clients. And now he’s decided to share his time with us! Welcome, Josh!


When I first got the idea for an urban fantasy novel titled Enter the Janitor years back, it didn’t take me long to realize it needed to have some strong humor elements woven throughout. I mean, how can you not crack jokes when your magic-wielding characters use mops instead of staffs and squeegees instead of wands? When they drive around town in janitor, maid, and plumbing service vans, visiting homes and public properties to scrub actual toilets, fending off dust devils and garbage golems while complaining about the lack of coffee breaks?

I could’ve tried writing the story from a […]

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Special Guest: Jody Lynn Nye!

This weekend, we welcome a very special guest…Jody Lynn Nye! Jody is the author of An Unexpected Apprentice, and the Myth Adventures series with Robert Asprin (most recently Myth-Fortunes). Her latest book, A Forthcoming Wizard hit store shelves this spring. Jody became an officially published author when in the 1980s the magazine “Video Action” accepted several technical articles on broadcasting. Her first fiction piece was for Mayfair Games’s Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine game and their Role-Aids game supplement line. She currently lives with her husband and two cats rescued from animal shelters. On her personal home page she lists her email address and asks that people (presumably fans of her work) write her. Please bid Jody a warm welcome!

Seeing the Funny Side

Most of my work has a humorous bent. I enjoy it. I love watching the expressions on readers’ faces when they get to a comedy payoff in […]

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