The Magic of Elsewhere

Sometimes, I think my writing life echoes the Dr. Seuss book “Green Eggs and Ham.”

Would you write it on a train? Would you write it on a plane?

Would you write it in a car? Would you write it near and far?

I can write it here or there. I can write it anywhere!

I’ve written book chapters and short stories just about everywhere. A big chunk of Deadly Curiosities was written on a cruise ship in the Mediterranean. Most of the time, it’s not nearly that sexy. A lot of times, I can picture the hotel room where I wrote a story or chapter whenever I re-read it. Which means that a lot of my stuff reminds me of Hampton Inns.

I wrote the short story No Reprieve at my vendor table at last year’s Origins. I wrote my alternative Sherlock Holms story for Baker Street Irregulars […]

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Excerpt from “Fair Play” – my entry into The Big Bad: An Anthology of Evil

If you made it to ConCarolinas, you were there for The Book Launch That Wasn’t, also known as John Learns a Valuable Lesson About Scheduling Book Release Events Before Having Books In Hand. But that’s a story for another time. For today, here’s an excerpt from my story in The Big Bad: An Anthology of Evil published last week by Dark Oak Press and co-edited by myself and the lovely and talented Emily Lavin Leverett. You might know her better as Pea_Fairie. The anthology features several MW’ers, including Emily, myself, James Tuck, Sarah Adams, Sara Taylor Woods, and a bunch of other awesome folk. The e-book is available for Nook and Kindle for only $2.99, and I have paperbacks and hardbacks in hand for this weekend’s HeroesCon in downtown Charlotte.

Warning – here there be language. This is a horror anthology, and there are some things in there that […]

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Happy Halloween!

Folks, sorry about the unusual lineup this week. Faith’s had an unavoidable complication, so we traded our days around. Hopefully we’ll all be back to normal soon.

It’s Halloween! When I was a kid, Halloween was on a par with Christmas in my estimation. One night a year, I was able to dress up as anything I wanted to be, leave the house after dark and demand candy from complete strangers…who HAD to cough it up! I remember my mother would help me create my costume (this was long before store-bought costumes – yes, I’m that old.) Sometimes I was a princess, sometimes a gypsy, and once I think I was a cat. It was always chilly, so Mama would insist I wear a sweater over my costume, despite my impassioned protests that princesses did not wear sweaters. My daddy would drive me and my best friend to a neighborhood […]

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Genres Part Five – Crossovers

Once upon a time, the genre standards were very clearly defined. Mystery meant the discovery of a dead body and the subsequent investigation to find the killer. Romance was a beautiful young woman meeting a handsome man she at first hates, and only comes to love after 200-odd pages of tribulation. Westerns were cowboys on the lonesome prairie, with the obligatory gunfight. Horror terrified the reader and only in the last pages let the hero win. Thrillers were exciting tales of kidnappings, heists or political intrigue. Erotic fiction was….well, you get the idea.

Fantasy and science fiction had, and to an extent still have, their own conventions. But somewhere along the way, writers got bored with sticking to the rule books, and started playing with the standards, borrowing plot devices of other genres and weaving them into the mix to make their own work a little different. These used to […]

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