Mistakes I made Part III: Writing as Hobby

As everyone will now be sick of hearing, it took me over twenty years to get published, and that the purpose of these posts is to try and sift through the years of failure to identify things which held me back. Today’s is a big one. There are a number of potentially separate posts here but I’m rolling them into one under a single title: unprofessionalism.

Writing starts for most of us as an interest, a pastime, a private creative outlet. It might be glorified journal writing or another form of so-called self-expression, and it’s fun: a hobby with product. But at some point we decide we want to take it further. We want to be in book stores. It’s not enough to just write for ourselves anymore. We want to be published.

The specifics of how we get there, the pursuit of agents and editors, the honing […]

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