Of Success and Failure – Magical Words

Hi Y’all!

This month, next week in fact, I was supposed to have new book out. First book in a new series. Big dealio. Mucho excitement. I scheduled this date at several blogs to get the word out. I had PR ramping! Yes, as early as six months ago.

Annnnd it didn’t happen.

Why? Simply put, the book was not ready. BLOOD OF THE EARTH, the first in the Soulwood series, needed a serious—and I mean deeply serious—rewrite. It had bones. It had some good bones. But it wasn’t put together right.

I know, you are singing “The toe bone’s connected to the … ankle bone…” and you hate me right now. But bear with me.

I knew there were problems with the book but I could not see what was wrong. I was too close to it. This is why a writer, even an experienced writer, needs a developmental […]

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masochist, OC editors, rewrites, and days off

I can’t believe I’m about to say it, but – I have all the deadly, short term deadlines met. All of them. How about that!

And, I actually have something to post about today – a comment that came from my yahoo site about the compassion of editors, or lack thereof. It was very tongue in cheek and started by my observation that a certain developmental editor (book doctor) was very OC. One of the members asked what that what meant, another member said it (hopefully) meant overly compassionate.

For the purpose of this blog:

OC – obsessive compulsive, a very good trait in an editor.

AR – anal retentive, a difficult trait in an editor as they […]

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