What Day Is It Again?


It’s con time again! ConCarolinas is looming large in my sight, and I’ve been caught up in the throes of finishing the schedule for the last week. Let me tell you, scheduling 50 writers into 56 panels so that everyone has a reasonable number and at least one or two of their “I’ll just die if I can’t be on this one” panels is not the easy task it might appear to be. I finished the schedule for the first time on Sunday. Since then, I’ve rearranged it at least four times, dropped panelists either because I screwed up or because they asked me to, and inserted new panelists into the suddenly open spots. Fortunately Sched.org is a brilliantly easy site to work within, so I didn’t have to buy another white board. (The first one was full of names and numbers already.) Want to see what we’ve put […]

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David B. Coe: Holiday Superlatives!

One of the problems with doing these one month appearances on the site is that those months tend to be pretty focused: a post on character, a post on plotting, a post on the writer’s life, and a promotional post on whatever book we happen to be pimping promoting at the time. One of the great things about being a Magical Words co-founder, is that I can sign on for more than one month at a time, as I have for the release of Spell Blind, the first book in the Case Files of Justis Fearsson, which comes out on January 6. I’ve been here for December, and I’m sticking around for January, too.

And that means I have time to do some fun stuff in addition to the promo. So welcome to my 2014 Holiday Post!!

We’re in the last couple of days of Hanukkah, and Christmas is the […]

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Anatomy of a Signing Tour

Misty, David, Faith, and John at the BooKnack in Rock Hill, SC, during Faith and David’s signing.

I have just returned from what I billed as the Summer 2013 Thieves’ Quarry Signing Tour, which is a somewhat overblown and pompous way of saying that I spent the week doing signings across a small section of the Southeast. It was a great week — fun, exciting, exhausting, and ultimately, I think, pretty successful.

I signed in a variety of bookstores. Three were independents: Fountain Bookstore in Richmond, Virginia; The BooKnack in Faith and Misty’s home town of Rock Hill, South Carolina; and Malaprops Bookstore in Asheville, North Carolina. Another specialized in used books — Oakley’s Gently Used Books, on the pedestrian mall in Charlottesville, Virginia. And one was a Books-A-Million in Gastonia, North Carolina, just outside of Charlotte.

Each had something to recommend it. The three indies were marvelous places […]

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Release Day Fun!!

Release day for the hardcover of Thieves’ Quarry and the paperback edition of Thieftaker is tomorrow, July 2. This will be my fourteenth release day of an original title (I’ve had somewhere in the mid-twenties if you include all the paperback editions), and I have to admit to being every bit as nervous and excited about this one as I have been about all the others. The excitement never really gets old, and the fear never ever goes away.

As part of my ongoing Thieves’ Quarry Blog Tour, I have two posts up today in addition to this one. I am at Aidan Moher’s “A Dribble of Ink” with a post about ideology and writing, which expands on a post I wrote here several weeks back. I am also interviewed at the blog of friend-of-MW, Alethea Kontis. I hope you will check out both posts.

I am too frazzled/psyched/terrified to […]

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Memories and Holiday Wishes

I am with family today, as I’m sure many of you are as well. I’m not going to write a long post because, well, I don’t really feel like it. But I did want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

As many of you know, I’m Jewish. My wife is not, and we observe Hanukkah, but we really celebrate Christmas more. In part that’s because, even as a kid, Hanukkah was not a big part of my life. My parents, both Jewish, celebrated Christmas, because that was what many Jewish families did back in the 50s, 60s, and 70s in order to fit in. It never bothered me; I liked it, really. And it left me with a childhood filled with fun Christmas morning memories. Like when I was eight and I came downstairs to find a huge Hot Wheels track — bright […]

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An Interview with Ethan Kaille, Thieftaker and Conjurer

Ethan Kaille is one of Colonial Boston’s leading thieftakers. He is also a conjurer, an ex-convict, and a veteran of the War of the Austrian Succession, in which he served as a sailor in the navy of His Majesty King George II. Though an intensely private man, he recently agreed, albeit reluctantly, to sit down and answer a few questions about his life, his career, and, of course, his rivalry with Sephira Pryce, Boston’s famed “Empress of the South End.”

*****Mister Kaille, thank you for joining us today. I wonder if you wouldn’t begin by telling us a bit about your work as a thieftaker.

There is little to tell, really. Boston is filled with reprobates and fools, and invariably men who fall into one category or the other take it upon themselves to improve their meagre lot in life by stealing from the city’s monied class. When they do, […]

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A Winner to Monday’s THIEFTAKER T-Shirt Contest

First of all, I want to thank all of you for the terrific response to my Monday post. I am grateful beyond words for all the pre-orders of Thieftaker. I sincerely hope that all of you enjoy the book.

As for our t-shirt winner, chosen entirely at random, it is Gypsyharper! Gypsy, if you would email me (go to http://www.dbjackson-author.com and use the email link) we will get the right sized t-shirt in the mail to you right away.

And again, thanks to all of you for entering!