Tamsin Silver: Writing On The Go

Welcome back our friend Tamsin Silver! Tamsin is the author of the Windfire series, and she is also the writer/director of the NYC based web series SKYE OF THE DAMNED. You can see more about it (and watch episodes!) at SkyeOfTheDamned.com.

I want to write a blog post. Let me be more specific. I want to write a helpful blog post for writers. But when I focus on this task I can’t think of a damn thing to say. So…hey! Want to talk about dogs? Cause that I have no problem with. What? You’re here for writing advice? Oh. Ok. Let’s see what I can say that sounds worthy of this website…

……………………*stares at blank page, eyes wide*…………

See…this is what I mean…I draw a blank. Hang on…I’ll be back…

…………*enter music from Jeopardy here*…………

OK…I have something…(It’s been a few days […]

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Now is the time to write

Hey everyone. Sorry for the tardiness of this post. I’m supposed to write on first drafts today, but I’ll have to save that for next time. Why? Because until Misty sent me a prodding email, not only did I not remember today was my day to post, but I’m not even sure I knew it was Thursday. These things happen. Sometimes that is great as it means I’m caught up in what I’m writing. But sometimes it’s just a couple ticks too close to panic as the days seem to wash past while my word count doesn’t move quite enough and deadlines loom closer.

Best way to combat this? Be consistent with your writing habits. You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again: Butt-in-chair-hands-on-keyboard is the very most important thing a writer can do. Even if that means you set a timer for an hour–or just 15 minutes–knowing […]

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Get Out of the Way!

It’s one of those days when RL (real life) is getting in the way ofany kind of writing, even this blog. Between other stuff (which could go in caps, like OTHER STUFF) a co-worker fell at work and I have been pulling the graveyard shift. Ugh-ick. So I thought it might be smart to build on that, and talk about the writing life, when RL gets in the way.

Some of the best advice on writing (to me, anyway, but you can put yours in the comments) is :

1.) Read a lot. 2.) Write every day. Neither of which I do.

Yep, I’m a baaaad writer. But I have another life. (Two of them. Maybe three. And looking for fourth. Call me schizoid. I won’t deny it.) I do read, but it isn’t quite what the writing-rule requires. The writing-rule is suggesting that I read a lot of books […]

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A Day in the Life Of…

It is my day to post…and all I can think about is how *not* ready I am for this season.

Between deadlines (which is a horrible word, you know? Brings to mind hanging nooses) and health issues (I promise to *not* bore you with the details like an 80 yr. old) and family stuff, I am just nowhere near ready. No gifts are wrapped, half aren’t even finished, no food is cooked, and frankly I have already told my family that they get IOUs for the holidays and will get presents in a week or so. No longer bah-humbugging it, but just so far behind! Fortunately, my family knows me and they think it’s funny, even the kiddies, who already mimic the adults by shaking their heads, because it happens every year this time. Not the IOUs but the behinder part. So […]

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