The Magic of Elsewhere

Sometimes, I think my writing life echoes the Dr. Seuss book “Green Eggs and Ham.”

Would you write it on a train? Would you write it on a plane?

Would you write it in a car? Would you write it near and far?

I can write it here or there. I can write it anywhere!

I’ve written book chapters and short stories just about everywhere. A big chunk of Deadly Curiosities was written on a cruise ship in the Mediterranean. Most of the time, it’s not nearly that sexy. A lot of times, I can picture the hotel room where I wrote a story or chapter whenever I re-read it. Which means that a lot of my stuff reminds me of Hampton Inns.

I wrote the short story No Reprieve at my vendor table at last year’s Origins. I wrote my alternative Sherlock Holms story for Baker Street Irregulars […]

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Then and Now — Writing Fast

Today’s Then and Now grows out of a question from last week, where someone wanted to know how I write quickly. My current writing strategy grows out of my old writing habits, so it’s perfect for a Then and Now.


When I started writing for professional publication, I worked a full-time job that required a minimum of 60 hours a week in an office and often expected 80 hours a week or more. I usually worked through weekends, at least all of one day and half of another, and I often left the office for a class or cultural event, only to return at 10:00 at night, for another few hours of fun. In some months, I *billed* up to 3000 hours of time (and that time didn’t include things like meal breaks, mandatory non-client activities, etc.) So, yeah, I had a lot of demands on my time.


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Changing Hats — Author to Household Manager and Back

Two weeks ago, after I wrote about Writing More, Faster, Smarter (and my goal to have written about half a million published and/or publishable words by this time next year), Laura had a question. She asked:

[Y]ou handle a lot of the household stuff. How do you balance that while working, exactly? Do you have specific time slots, or do you retreat to a cafe? I found myself getting sidetracked by household stuff and it bugs me. Stuff that felt like it was hanging over my head because I was home from the dayjob and had the “chance” to take care of it. Even if it could have waited. I was still successful in getting *something* down, just not nearly as much as I’d hoped. What would you recommend?

Laura’s right. I handle almost all our household stuff — all the grocery shopping, other household goods shopping, cooking, household correspondence, […]

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