Making Money Mondays — Kindergarten!

Dragon Con is going to happen in a world that is changing, is more dangerous, more confusing, and more problematic than ever. We have homegrown terrorists who hate anyone who is having fun, we have lunatics with guns and explosives and cars they want to use as weapons. We have factions within fandom and without. We have STUFF!

And that means we need to take it all back to basics. Back to the past, to our very earliest lessons. Let’s take it back to Kindergarten!!!! Let’s all remember our kindergarten rules (updated for the grownup world of today)!

Keep your friends close. Never walk away with a stranger. Eat and drink with friends, not strangers. If strangers become friends, keep your old friends with you. Hold hands to keep together when walking anywhere crowded. Wash hands with soap and water. Brush your teeth. Keep clean (bathe or shower). Know where […]

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Party Talk: Dragon Con!

Hey y’all, happy Labor Day! I hope you’re all having a good day, whether you’re at DragonCon, or the beach, or your mama’s house, or even if you’re among those souls who have to labor on Labor Day, I wish you a good one.

The vast majority of my social circle has been at DragonCon all weekend, so we decided to do something a little silly for today. I asked them to answer the following question:

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever witnessed/heard/participated in at a con?

And here are their answers! Feel free to chime in with your own in the comments!

Faith Hunter

The craziest thing at D*C — The kids (both genders) dressed up in Star Trek uniforms traipsing up and down the hotel hall, drunk (of course), and claiming that they were going to have a galactic orgy. They then proceeded to lie down (en masse) […]

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DragonCon, Panels, Booths and Meetings, Oh My!

I’ve almost recovered from DragonCon. I seem to have avoided the dreaded con crud by a mixture of fist bumps (not handshakes), alcohol (taken internally) and sleep (I got at least six hours every night of the con). Life is almost back to normal, and most of the glow of the con has faded, but the cool stuff continues to fall out from it. But more on that as things develop.

This was by far the best DragonCon I’ve been to as a writer. I was an “attending professional,” which meant my badge was comped (and Suzy’s). I had a room at the Westin, which was not only convenient as that’s where most of my panels were and connected to the exhibit area, but it was also less crowded and quieter than some of the “main” hotels. We also were able to catch a table at the lobby bar […]

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It’s that time again!

And by that time, I mean DragonCon time. The new and improved, asterisk-free DragonCon is this weekend in Atlanta, and this will be my first year as an attending professional. I’m on several panels in the Urban Fantasy track and have been invited to join one in the Alternate History track as well. I’m only on one panel in the Writers’ Track, the Bell Bridge Spotlight, but I’ll be most easily found in the Tairen’s Lair/Author’s Lair booth that I’m sharing with Faith, David, Lucienne and a bunch of other awesome people.

Instead of a real post, you’re getting my DragonCon schedule. Sorry, it’s been one of those weeks. But if you’re at Dragon, I hope you’ll stop by and say hello!


Friday –

1PM – Pulp – From Paperbacks to Film and Beyond

Westin, Augusta 3

Me, James Tuck, Bobby Nash . . . what […]

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Greetings from Calgary: Post-Con Report

Greetings from Calgary, Alberta! I am writing this Sunday afternoon, after a wonderful week of work at WhenWordsCollide and the pre-convention writer’s workshop.

Yes, that’s right: I said “work.” John’s post from the other day, on which I didn’t comment, but which I have read, is spot on. Conventions are work. They are super fun — I love meeting fans, working with other professionals, renewing old friendships and beginning new ones. And after 16 years as a published author I am nowhere close to being tired of having people ask if I’ll sign their copies of my books. To be honest, I’m always shocked when people apologize for approaching me, as if it’s an imposition.

But right now, after leading the workshop for two days and being one of the con’s guests of honor, I’m exhausted. It’s not that talking about writing or doing readings is that tiring. But I’ve […]

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Critters in Fantasy

As you’ve heard by now, the vast majority of the Magical Words team spent Labor Day weekend in Atlanta with 52,000 of our closest friends. DragonCon is a humongous spec-fic con featuring film, television, literature, art, comic, music and costuming guests and experts sharing their knowledge and opinions with fans. You can go to panels, have photos taken with actors and buy your favorite author’s books all in the course of a single day. On Friday I served on a panel called “Talking Cats and Clever Rats”, about animals in our stories and what their presence means.

If you live in a city, you probably don’t see animals around too often, besides the occasional flock of pigeons or the cockroach that freezes on the kitchen floor when you turn on the light at 2 am. But they’re around. A story without animals is lacking something important – that spark […]

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Dragon*Con and Tricorn Punk

Yeah, I can’t say that this is going to be the most extensive post of my Magical Words career. I’m still at Dragon*Con with Faith, Misty, A.J., Kalayna, Lucienne, John, James, and a host of other friends and fellow writers. It’s been a great con thus far, and I know that today will be a great end to the extended weekend. It’s also been pretty interesting, what with amazing costumes, fun panels, and some laugh-filled delicious meals.

I have learned this week that THIEFTAKER is not the easiest book to classify. On Saturday, I was on three panels in a row: One on Alternate History, the next on Urban Fantasy, and the last on Steampunk. Now, I think we can all agree that THIEFTAKER is not Steampunk. But it does have certain elements of the subgenre — the emphasis on altered history, the use of atmospheric setting, the role of […]

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