Delilah S Dawson: Sorry, I Blew Up Savannah!

Bad news, y’all: This November, a freak hurricane will tear through Savannah, Georgia, destroying the amusement park and flooding the cemeteries and generally beating down an historical gem that even General Sherman admired too much to damage.

Even worse news: Hurricane Josephine isn’t just a meteorological phenomenon. She’s a demon. A mean one. Who sometimes takes the form of a monster albino alligator and makes people do horrible things.

At least, that’s the premise of Servants of the Storm, my YA Southern Gothic Horror now available online and in bookstores. What started as an obsession with pictures of Six Flags New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina became a paean to friendship, a love song to my husband’s home town, and a great reason to take a horse-drawn carriage tour with my favorite Savannah pirate, should you want to see Dovey’s neighborhood before Josephine makes a big ol’ mess.

I’m from […]

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Delilah Dawson: Paying It Forward

There are many rewards to being a writer, although most of them aren’t the six figure deals and Tom Hiddleston movies we all dream about. I didn’t write my first book until I was 32, and one of the first things I did was hop on Twitter and start meeting other people treading the same path. I found agents, editors, bloggers, famous novelists, and other people following their literary aspirations, people just like me. Little did I know that I had stumbled into one of the most thoughtful, generous, supportive communities on the internet.

The best writers, to me, are not only amazing storytellers but also relatable and generous teachers. They understand that wherever you are, there’s someone else who wants to be there, and you’re uniquely qualified to help them get there. From big-name authors who blurb debuts (thanks, Nancy Holder and Cherie Priest!) or offer blog space to […]

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Delilah Dawson: You Are Not Your Characters. Repeat: YOU ARE NOT YOUR CHARACTERS.

A confession: There’s a reason the villains of my first two books weren’t human. Looking back, I realize that I was terrified of writing a bad person who did bad things and said worse things, a person who might be somehow connected to (gulp!) me.

Writing an evil god? Sure.

Writing a sociopathic goblin rat? Easy.

But as soon as I described my antagonist as a human being, I worried that readers would look too deeply into the choices I’d made. If he had a mustache, did I hate men with mustaches? If she was overweight, was I making a statement about body types? If the antagonist was of a different race, did it mean I was racist? But there were no evil goblin rats to pick a fight with me or criticize my writing, and so that felt safe.

Delilah Dawson: You Are Not Your Characters. Repeat: YOU ARE NOT YOUR CHARACTERS.

Delilah S Dawson: How To Plot A Character-Driven Story, or Why Harry Potter Should Probably Be A Complete D-bag


No. You didn’t. Because even though Neville could’ve been the Chosen One, Voldemort decided it was Harry instead and set about killing off his parents and giving him a scar.

It all comes down to choices. Your choice, as the god and writer. And the choices your characters make.

First of all, let’s determine if your story is character-driven. Consider your main character. Does that story revolve around who they are, specifically, in such a way that it wouldn’t exist without them? Are their history, back story, and skills integral to every mile marker of the story? Could you replace them with another passerby and have the same end result? Could you have the same story if you made Neville the hero?

If you can’t replace your protagonist with a […]

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Party Talk – Cons, Part 2

Continuing the con chat we started a couple of weeks ago, our guests are back to answer some more questions about cons. Remember, if you want to throw in your two cents about cons, how they run, what you’d like to see or whatever, don’t be afraid to chime in on the comments!

A) What is one thing you wish you’d known before you attended your first con?B) This one time at con… (tell us something funny or weird or bizarre that happened at con.)

Chloe Neill

A) Pack some essentials in a tote for an all-day con experience: water, snacks, hand lotion, and hand sanitizer. B) I went a little fangirl on some of the authors with whom I appeared at a panel. And then I was in the green room at C2E2 on year pre-panel, and Sean Astin happened in. I was torn between yelling out “Samwise!” and […]

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Magical Words Party Talk – Cons!

Hey y’all, it’s time for another Magical Words Party Talk! Spring is coming, and that means it’s almost time for con season. We writers love cons as much as fans do – a con is often the only time we get a chance to get together and gab with each other about upcoming projects and ideas in person. Today we’ve asked our most recent guests for their opinions on a few questions about cons. Feel free to chime in (via the comments) to tell us what kinds of panel topics you’d love to see!

When you’re asked for panel suggestions by con program directors, how do you come up with panel topics to submit?

Alethea Kontis: I like to suggest topics that make me angry…things I would love to vent about for an hour in person, but don’t feel like starting a never-ending flame war over online.



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Delilah S Dawson – New Releases

The Little Bludmermaid: A Love Song to Sang

Look at these books Aren’t they neat?

Wouldn’t you think my collection’s complete?

Wouldn’t you think I’m the girl

The girl who’s written… every dude?

Look at this man

His chest is so bare

He has a top hat, tails and long hair?

Looking at Criminy, you’d think Sure! She’s written every dude.

I’ve got Southern drunk pianist strong men.

I’ve got secretive artificers galore

You want hot brigands and Scots?

I’ve got… um…. no wrong men!

But who cares? No big deal

I want to write more

I wanna write, wanna sell ten more books

I wanna see, wanna see them explore Sang

Riding around on those – what do you call ’em?


If I can’t write more Blud books, we won’t see the whole world

Books are required to visit more countries

Riding around […]

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