The Worms Crawl In . . .

We’ve talked about change a lot here on Magical Words. Over the years, you’ve seen a lot of changes happening in terms of the publishing industry, and every time you think you think you know what’s what, what changes again. The ground is like the sand under your feet when you’re standing on the shore with the waves washing over your feet. It just . . . goes away. If you aren’t shifting and stepping, you are going to fall on your ass. Sooner or later.

I’m in the middle of estate planning. I’m late on this one, insomuch as I have kids who are teenagers and should have had a lot of things in place just in case. The man and I are remedying that now. But it raises an issue. I have published 15 books, plus some short stories and essays. If I were to die today, would […]

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Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies

Last week I read the second book in a series I’d become very excited about, only to be horribly disappointed by the end. My favorite character died, suddenly and somewhat ignominiously, considering what the character had been able to accomplish up to that point. Logically, I could understand why the author decided to kill him off, but emotionally it just didn’t work for me. Another book is coming out in a few months, but right now, I couldn’t care any less about reading it, because with the loss of that character, there’s nothing in that world for me. It’s not necessarily the author’s fault, either. The story he was telling required that character to be gone in order that the protagonist continue on his own journey. It was the way the character died that left me unsatisfied and cold.

If there’s one truth to the human condition, it’s that […]

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Characters Like Me? Nope.

Some of you may have noticed that I didn’t post last week. It was a tough week. I spent most of it sleepless, working third shift, sitting by Mom’s hospital bedside (again sleepless) and crying my eyeballs out – for two very different reasons. Mom’s is fine, BTW. We finally discovered yesterday that it was skeletal, not heart. Her chiropractor fixed her. Sigh… The crying part was because my beloved dog Delta died. We’d had her (and she’d had our hearts) for nearly 15 years. The following portion of this post notwithstanding, Delta had been a big part of my (Gwen Hunter’s) writing for her whole life. She was Big Dog in the Rhea Lynch novels and is Butchie in Rapid Descent coming in 09. So…on to my topic and you’ll see how the subject of Delta blends in to what I wanted to talk about […]

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